How many died in the Kashmiri Terrorist Movement

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In 1988, I trekked from Pahalgaum to Sonmarg. We spent our last night in the home of a Kashmiri. The three of us, a French couple and me, were exhausted when we entered the lady’s home. The lady was kind enough to feed us very well. Before leaving the next morning we asked her how much money. She said ‘I will not take money from the Goras but this man is Indian so he must pay me’. Having enjoyed her hospitality had no hesitation in paying but her words echo in my ears to this day.

The terrorist movement started in the Kashmir Valley around 1989. It got a fillip after the Home Ministers (Mufti M Syed) daughter was kidnapped by terrorists and subsequently released after the Government capitulated to their demands

Since the movement started in the pre internet/satellite TV news era, there is not much hard data on the number of people killed during those years. I was fortunate to stumble across the South Asia Terrorism Portal ( which has some useful data. The attached PDF file has data on annual fatalities in terrorist violence from 1988 to August 19, 2012. Fatalities are split into Civilians, Security Force personnel and Terrorists. The number of terrorists killed includes Indians, Pakistanis and Afghans, as well as small numbers of people from nearly a dozen other countries, who were sent by their Pakistani handlers to fight in Jammu and Kashmir.

Highlights of Annual Fatalities in terrorists related violence 1989-19/8/2012

To see year wise numbers of lives list in PDF format click here. You can also visit

Total number of lives lost in Khalistani and Kashmiri Terrorists Movements

In case you find any errors in data please write back and we shall make appropriate corrections.

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