Hindu VICTIMS of HATE Crime

  • Based on published media reports this article gives details of hate crimes against Hindus essentially between 2017 and May 2019.

For decades before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections Hindus were blamed for killing minorities (read Muslims), and during Modi1 the term lynching caught on. What is ignored is hate crime by Muslims, its nature and extent. 


Based on published media reports this compilation gives instances when Muslims killed Hindus on issues like road scuffle, marrying a Muslim girl, marriage procession in front of mosque, cattle smuggling etc. 


The purpose of this compilation is not to provoke the followers of Indian Religions into taking revenge but only to put matters in perspective.


This compilation is inspired by the ground reports of Swati Goel of Swarajyamag. Maximum care is taken in compiling data, errors if any are inadvertent and unintended. If you find errors please write in with your view and published source. 


The format is simple - title refers to event and year, brief information about why killed and data source. Period covered 2017-2019. The first three killings pertain to earlier periods but were very disturbing.

1 Guru Govind Singhji 1708 

Severely stabbed by two Pathan boys.

Guruji reached Nanded in August 1707. Banda Bahadur was sent to Punjab to chastise Vazir Khan of Sirhind. On the other hand Vazir Khan was also plotting against the Guru’s life. Two Pathan boys, who were in the service of the Guru, were set on him. One day finding him alone, they severely stabbed him in August 1708. He knew his end had come. On October 7, 1708 Guruji walked into a funeral pyre that he set for himself.

Source - Volume 7, The History and Culture of India People published by the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan. Pages 322 and 323.

2  Swami Sharaddhananda December 1926 

Shot dead by Abdul Rashid.

Source - Speaking Tree The Martyr Mahatma Swami Sharaddhanand

3 Women and Children burnt in Godhra 2002

“Do note that, according to India Today magazine, the Muslim mob came equipped with crowbars to pry open the closed shutters of the S-6 coach, a reserved women's coach, which is also in keeping with known modus operandi, to cause maximum offense. Mohammad H Kalota, Salim A G Sheikh, Abdul R A M Ghantia, Farroukh Bhana and Haji Bilal, were the five Congress members/supporters at Godhra.”

Source - Rediff.com Godhra, secular progressives and politics 


4 Ramalingam murdered for opposing conversions to Islam 2019

Police suspect that the murder could be a sequel to heated arguments Ramalingam had with members of the Muslim community on issues like conversion and Hindu-Muslim relationship at Adi Dravida street on Tuesday morning.

“The 11 accused include Mohamed Riaz, Mohamed Hassan Kuthoos, Mohamed Farooq, Mohamed Rizwan, Mohamed Taufiq, Mohamed Ibrahim, Tauhid Basha and Nizam Ali.”

Source - The Hindu Ramalingam murder case 11 in NIA Custody

Read Mushrooming Ghettoes changing demography of Old Thanjavur Region dotted with temples

5 Dhruv Tyagi Murder 2019

“Had it not been unavoidable, Dhruv Raj Tyagi wouldn't have ventured out either. But his daughter complained of severe migraine. Around 1 am on Saturday, he took her to a nearby hospital on his scooty. The rowdies stabbed him to death. The Moti Nagar police have arrested the alleged killers, Mohammad Alam and his father Jahangir Khan.”

Source - Swarajya How outsiders in Moti Nagar are making locals feel vulnerable

Majuli island in Assam super. Ras Lila held in November is awesome.

6 Three Sadhus were brutally killed for opposing cow slaughter August 2018

“On the morning of 15 August 2018, three resident sadhus at the centuries-old Shiva temple were found in a pool of blood, their hands and legs tied to their cots and multiple stab wounds on their necks and other body parts.”


“The state police later arrested five men from the adjoining 'kasaayi mohalla' (butchers' colony). Those arrested- identified as Salman, Nadeem, Shahzad, Najeem and Jabbar - said they carried out the barbaric murders in revenge.”

Source - Swarajya A visit to Auraiya Mandir where 3 Sadhus were killed for opposing cow slaughter 

7 Cattle thieves shot dead Ratan Singh April 2019. Rakbar Khan and his aide Aslam were found by villagers taking cows through the fields on 21 July night in Lalawandi village of Ramgar tehsil of Alwar.


Controversy erupted after Rakbar Khan died in police custody the same night.


Source - Swarajya Cattle theft menace: Farmer’s murder in Khurshidpura leaves Police and Villagers struggling for a solution

8 Muzaffarnagar riots started when Sachin and Gaurav were murdered 2013

“A local court in Uttar Pradesh's Muzaffarnagar pronounced seven persons guilty, for beating to death two boys in Kawal village in 2013. This tragic incident had triggered communal riots across Muzaffarnagar and Shamli.”


“The additional district and sessions judge Himanshu Bhatnagar convicted Muzammil, Mujassim, Furkan, Nadeem, Janangir, Afzal and Ikbal for killing Gaurav and Sachin on August 27, 2013, and rioting, according to district prosecution counsel Rajiv Sharma.”


Source - India Today 7 held guilty to appeal against verdict

9 Prashant Pujary Murder Mangalore 2015

Pujary opposed cattle theft and slaughter. “Mangalore police have arrested 4 more men who they claim have direct involvement in the murder of the Bajrang Dal activist Prashanth Poojary. The arrested people have been identified as Mohammed Sharief, Mohammed Kavoor, Mohammed Mustafa and Kabir.”

Source - India Today 4 arrested for anti-beef activist Poojary murder

10 Minor girl goes missing, Mumbai Police refuse to add Accused name in FIR for fear of making it a Hindu Muslim issue 2019

Dalit Hindu girl kidnapped in Mumbai. Police did not add the name of the accused, Akhtar Sheikh, in the FIR despite the girl’s mother naming him as a suspect repeatedly.

Source - Swarajya Mumbai Police to refuse add accused, a Muslim name in FIR

Kalbelia dance by Hungarian dancer at Jaisalmer Desert Festival & is Muslim.

11 Sanjay Kumar killed for Inter-faith marriage 2019

Sanjay Kumar, a Dalit Hindu, paid the price for marrying a Muslim woman and refusing to convert to Islam. Killed by wife’s family in Haryana’s Faridabad district. 

“The charge sheet (which Swarajya has accessed) has named four accused – Fajruddin, Saleem, Saleem’s uncle Ali Mohammad and Saleem’s neighbour Sumit for abetting the crime.”


Source - Swarajya 6 months after he was Killed, Tortured and Mutilated for Inter-faith marriage Sanjay Kumar’s family await justice.


12 Khayala Ground Report killing of 3 Hindus January 2019

“Veerpal (41), wife Sunita (35) and the couple's 18-year-old son Aakash have succumbed to the injuries. Neighbours say they found out his name, Mohammad Azad, only through the media.”

Source - Swarajya Khayala ground report

13 Maharashtra cop killed whilst trying to stop truck with Bullocks

“Sunday night at Khambada Vani Naka on the Nagpur-Chandrapur Road Constable Prakash Meshram, tried to halt a truck carrying 12 bullocks. Two people in the truck, identified as Imtiaz Ahmed Fayyaz Ahmed and Mohammad Raza Abdul Jabbar Qureshi, both 19 years of age, were arrested.”

Source - Business Standard Maharashtra cop killed stop truck with Bullocks.

14 Dalit Hindu girl kidnapped, converted, married 2018

Dalit Hindu minor girl kidnapped. “Apart from refusing to mention Saddam Ansari's name in the first information report (FIR), the police also did not add the mandatory POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) and SC/ST Act in the original FIR.”


“Swarajya spoke to the missing girl's father Dayanand Singh, 44, a resident of Dharmpura village in Nagina tehsil of district Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh. It was only when the police retrieved call details of the girl two months after she went missing that it emerged that it wasn't Jai Prakash Gupta but one Danish Hussain who had taken her away.”


Source - Swarajya Dalit Man struggles to get his daughter after she was kidnapped, converted, married 2018

15 Ten year old allegedly kidnapped, taken to a madrassa and raped, Delhi May 2018

“Geeta (as the minor girl is being referred to in the media to protect her identity) was kidnapped on 21 April and kept in a madrassa overnight, where she was allegedly raped by a 17-year-old student. She was recovered the next day after a police raid. Five days after the police arrested the boy, they also held a maulvi (cleric), in whose room the girl was confined.”


Source - Swarajya Rape in Madrasa: Family Horrified at Islamists’ demand to marry off girl to her rapists

Kutch village Gujarat. 3 brothers, belonging to the Depressed Classes, do good business.

16 Ankit Saxena Delhi 2018

Ankit had a Muslim girlfriend. Girl’s family were against the relationship.

“On Thursday evening at the junction where Ali, his wife, his minor son and his brother-in-law caught hold of Ankit and eventually killed him, Ali repeatedly accused Ankit Saxena of “kidnapping” his daughter. 

Source - Swarajya Residents shocked that a neighbour hated him enough to kill him

17 27 year old engineer held captive, raped by accused Seroj Khan in Mumbai 2018

A 27-year-old engineer was held captive and sexually assaulted for two-and-a-half months by an Andheri resident, who also tonsured her head after she refused to marry him. The woman finally managed to escape to a relative’s house in Pune last week and lodged a complaint, after which the accused, Sayyed Amir Hussain alias Seroj Khan (27), was arrested from his Milat Nagar flat in Andheri (West) on Monday.


Source – The Times of India 27 year held captive, raped for two months

18 Junaid Khan lynching: Fight started over seat, caste abuses says Punjab & Haryana High Court 2018 

“In its order granting bail to one of the accused in Junaid Khan’s murder, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has said that the initial dispute between the victims and the accused was “only regarding the seat sharing and abuses in the name of castes and nothing more”.”


Source – The Indian Express Junaid Khan lynching: Fight started over seat, caste abuses


19 Muslim drags Delhi dentist out of home, kills him in front of son 2016


“The provocation for this brutal murder was a scuffle Dr Pankaj Narang had got involved in when a rashly driven bike brushed against him in front of his house in Krishna Park colony. He had snapped at the two bikers and asked them to drive carefully which led to an argument and a fracas.”


“Joint commissioner, south western range, Depender Pathak said the prime accused, Nasir Khan, and a juvenile who had led the attack were held within 24 hours of the incident. Nasir's mother, Mayassar, who had instigated the mob along with his brother, Amir, and friends Ameer and Gopal were arrested soon after.”


Source – The Times of India Mob drags Delhi dentist out of home, kills him in front of son


20 Dalit wedding procession opp mosque in Dewas district Madhya Pradesh, 1 killed. 2019


“The wedding procession of Shaktiman, who is from Awalataj village of Dewas district, was on its way to the bride’s home. When it was passing in front of a masjid, some people started pelting stones on us, injuring several baaraatis in the attack.”


“The alleged attack was so aggressive that the person who died was killed on the spot after a large stone hit him on the head. The deceased has been identified as Dharmendra Shinde.”


Source Firstpost.com – Communal tension in MP village after Muslims attack Delhi wedding procession

Maitri Mandir Auroville is the place to meditate. Must experience. 

At the same time some try to give followers of Indian religions a bad name when the hate crime is actually done by someone else or it is a not hate crime. Some examples.


21 Crying Wolf in Modi’s India

Twenty-five year old Qadri claimed she was asked to leave flat because she is Muslim. It soon emerged that broker asked her to leave flat because paper work was incomplete.

Source - Swarajya Crying Wolf in Modi's India 


22 71 year old nun raped in West Bengal, blamed on Hindus, raped by a Bangladeshi 2015


“A local court in Kolkata on Tuesday held a Bangladeshi citizen guilty of raping a 71-year-old Christian nun in West Bengal’s Nadia district more than two years ago, an incident which triggered widespread protests and outrage across the eastern state.”


“The city sessions court held Nazrul Islam, alias Noju, guilty of rape. Six others, including Noju, were also held guilty of committing dacoity at the Convent of Jesus and Mary in Ranaghat on March 14, 2015.”


Source – Hindustan Times Bangladeshi nun held guilty for raping 71 year old nun in West Bengal in 2015


I recharged my batteries to compile this. My thoughts are best echoed by what Dr Ambedkar wrote on the last page of his 1941 book, Thoughts on Pakistan, “These are the reasons why I have addressed so a large part of the argument to the Hindus. A thick and impervious wall of false sentiments and false illusions has prevented the Hindus are receiving fresh light. I do not know how far I have succeeded in making breeches in the wall to let in light in the dark places. I am satisfied that I have done my duty.” Pg 352


Love and Light

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