Blasts/Riots in Maharahstra 1993 to 2009

I have seen that sections of the Indian judiciary rarely convicts. A person gets bail, falls sick, and uses some trick in the book to avoid getting convicted. Harshad Mehta the man behind the 1992 stock market scam was arrested and taken to jail innumerable times but was never convicted. Eventually he died a natural death. So also another stock market scamster Kirit Parikh, arrested, released, rearrested but not convicted. Fortunately he is still alive.

It seems that the police / Courts in most states behave the same way. They arrest, release, re-arrest but rarely convict. Which is why I was surprised when the respected Supreme Court transferred the Best Bakery Case from Gujarat to Maharashtra. Is the judiciary in Maharashtra more effective? To get a background about the case you might like to read Arvind Lavakare’s article on Rediff titled, ‘Blindfolded in the Best Bakery Case’.

To find an answer I opened my diary and saw notings on people killed in Maharashtra during riots or bomb blasts since 1993. My observations –

Event Year Died Injured
Mumbai Terror      
1. Blasts March 1993 257 713
2.Ghatkopar December02 2 31
3. Mcdonalds December02 0 25
4. Vile Parle January 03 1 30
5. Mulund March 03 12 65
6. Ghatkopar July 03 4 32
7. Zaveri Bazaar August 03 34 112
8. Gateway of India August 03 18 37
9. Train Blasts* July 06 209 700
10.Malegaon* Sept 06 37 56
11.Malegaon Sept 08 3 7
12. Taj Oberoi attack* 26/11/08 173 300
Total   750 2108

1. 1-8 are from India Today issue. * Published by Hindustan Times Mumbai on 29/9/2009.
2. March 1993 blasts verdict was given by the Special Court in Mumbai. The case is now before the Supreme Court for atleast nine months as on 1/10/09.
3. As per Hindustan Times Mumbai dated 1/3/09 the respected Supreme Court stayed the trial of those responsible for the July 2006 blasts since the accused challenged MCOCA, Maharashtra’s anti-terror act. Is the Maharashtra government competent to enact such a law? No movement in this case.
4. 26/11/ attack. Been nearly a year now. The Pakistani government continues to play paper games – ask for proof. Does anyone believe that the Pakis would agree to any proof?

Riots in Maharashtra

Event Year Note
1. Pune 2001-02 Muslims riot for some non-descript reason.
2. Nandurbhar same 1 person burnt alive.
3. Malegaon same Angry with Sept 11.
4. Jalgaon same 1 person burnt alive.
5. Sholapur same 9 died. Of the two main culprits arrested under POTA or MCOCA, Congress govt released one prior to 2004 Lok Sabha elections.
6. Kalyan, Badlapur, Same Amravati Bhiwandi had minor riots too.
7. Bhiwandi Feb 03 Muslims riot because police prevents calves from being taken for slaughter. Cops hurt.
8.Parbhani Nov 03 Bombs thrown at local mosque. Armed mobs burnt shops & torched vehicles.
9. Bhiwandi# July 06 Muslims protest against opening of a police station in the town. 2 policeman killed.
10. Dhule# Oct 08 10 dead over 170 injured.
11. Raboli Thane Oct 08 1 killed policeman injured.
12. Sangli Miraj# Sept 09 1 dead 24 injured. Muslims object to a poster of Shivaji attacking Afzal Khan as part of decorations. You can see the violence on YouTube.

All information is based on newspaper reports of Times of India. # is from Hindustan Times Mumbai 29/9/09.

Friends the point I am trying to make that in most cases people have not been convicted even after years of the event having taken place. This means that either the Maharashtra police are unable to prepare a water tight case before the judiciary or the latter is unable to exercise its intellect or the accused are not guilty.

I have taken utmost care in preparing the above data. In case of any errors they are unintentional. If you find any error or omission please write back. If I have missed out an event please write to me with source.

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