Hindu Victims of HATE Crime Part 2

  • Based on published media reports this article gives details of hate crimes against Hindus.

For decades Hindus are blamed for killing minorities (read Muslims) but the reverse rarely receives the same attention. During Modi1 the term lynching caught on. This compilation gives examples of Hindu victims of hate crime.


The format is simple-title refers to event and year, brief information about event, source of media report with link. To read part ONE


This piece is dedicated to Guru Govind Singhji and Swami Shraddhanandaji, both of whom were killed by Muslims. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.


1. Mumbai-Attempt to poison Prasad at Mumbreshwar Mandir in Mumbra near Mumbai. 2019.


The Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS), which arrested 10 alleged Daesh men in January and foiled their purported plan of mass-killing devotees at the 400-year-old Shree Mumbreshwar Temple in Mumbra. The charge sheet said that one of the accused, Talha Potrik, had attempted to poison the prasad during the Shrimadh Bhagwata Katha organised at the temple last December. Around 40,000 devotees had consumed the Prasad that day. The ATS identified an accused, Abu Hamza, as the leader of the group.”


Source Mumbaimirror. Read Group affiliated to Daesh

2. Pune - Hitesh Mulchandani of Pune abducted and charred to death. July 2019. 


According to the complaint, Mulchandani was at the bar with a friend when Khan turned up at 2am to buy alcohol. Khan then went out to urinate in front of the bar. When Sukheja and a few others tried to stop him, an altercation broke out.”


The five men booked in the case have been identified as Amin Feroz Khan, a resident of Gunjpeth, Shahbaz Seraj Qureshi from Kasarwadi, Arabaz Shaikh from Khadki, Akshay Sanjay Bhosale from Sangvi and a man identified only as Langda.”

Source Hindustan Times. Read Pune man abducted after fight over peeing

3. Mumbai-Mansi Dixit murdered for refusal to have sex. January 2019.

Aspiring photographer Syed Muzammil, 19, killed Mansi Dixit, a 20-year-old aspiring model, at his home in Andheri on October 15 last year because she refused to have sex with him, according to the charge sheet recently filed by the Bangur Nagar police.”


Source Hindustan Times. Read 19 year old murdered killed model for saying no to sex

4. Mathura Lynching: Shop owner murdered over minor spat. June 2019. 

“On 18 May, a Muslim mob attacked two Hindu lassi shop owners - both brothers - in Uttar Pradesh's Mathura district following a minor spat. One of the two shop owners died of the thrashing a week later. The FIR has only a passing mention of the thrashing. The police booked Haneef and Shahrukh, along with 15-20 unidentified men, under Section 395 of the IPC (dacoity).”


Source Swarajyamag. Read Brother of Murdered Shop Owner Says Muslim Mob Called them ‘Kaafir’


5. Indore-Not satisfied with treatment Muslim man kills doctor’s wife. June 2019.


“The accused Rafiq Rasheed (45) was suffering from an itchy skin disease for which he was getting treatment from Dr Ramkrishna Verma for the past six months, but without any results. When he went to the clinic at about 11 a.m, Verma’s wife Lata informed him that her husband was in Delhi. This apparently angered Rafiq who got into an altercation with Lata (50) and stabbed her repeatedly with a knife he was carrying. As Lata screamed for help, her son Abhishekh (19) came out and Rafiq stabbed him too and ran away.”


Source Hindustan Times. Read Not satisfied with treatment Muslim man kills doctor’s wife

San Jose Gurudwara is amongst the most scenic gurudwaras in the world.


6. Delhi-Bike parked outside temple, temple vandalised. June 2019.

Brawl over car parking outside temple snowballed into a Hindu Muslim fight. A group of Muslims vandalised the temple. “Mobile-shot videos that emerged the next day showed a crowd chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘Naara-e-Takbeer’ while proceeding to vandalise the 100-year-old Durga temple located at the colony’s entrance.”

Sources Times of India. Read Central Delhi Hauz Qazi tense after brawl over parking + Read A Month On, a new police booth outside temple belie claims of normalcy.

7. Mumbai-Cricket coach Pawar stabbed to death, he opposed sale of drugs. June 2019. 

Incident took place in Bhandup Mumbai. “Pawar’s relatives said they suspect Khan killed Pawar, because he stopped Khan from selling drugs in the area. The police have identified three suspects — Sohail Khan, 18, his father Asif and one of Sohail’s friends. Late on Friday, the police arrested Asif. Khan and his friend have been missing since the crime.”

Source Hindustan Times. Read Local cricket coach stabbed to death

8. Since 2018 atleast 20 people killed by cattle thieves. August 2019

“Twenty persons have died in the last one year at the hands of cattle thieves. They are farmers, policemen and saadhus. These deaths have occurred in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The beef is thriving. And innocent people are dying.”

Source Swarajya. Since 2018 atleast 20 people killed by cattle thieves

9. Aligarh-Rape of young Sharma girl. 2019.

“Jahid, 27, was the first to be arrested in the case, followed by his 42-year-old neighbour Aslam. Jahid's wife Sabusta and younger brother Mehdi Hasan were arrested later for complicity.”


Source Swarajyamag. Read Angry locals ask why sexual predator Jahid is roaming free

10. Begusarai-Six-Year-Old Reveals Sexual Assault by Private Tutor. September 2019. 

“A six-year-old girl from a Dalit family has been allegedly raped by a young man belonging to the Muslim community. Around two weeks back, the youngest child, who is yet to turn seven, said she did not want to go to her tutor anymore. The tutor, Mohammad Murtaza alias Dilkhush, lives just a hundred metres away.”

Source Swarajyamag. Read Communal tension in village after 6 year reveals sexual assault

Loktake Lake Manipur.

11. West Bengal-19, including 4 Bangladeshis, convicted in 2014 Burdwan blast case. August 2019. 

On October 2, 2014, when the entire state was immersed in Durga Puja celebrations, an improvised explosive device (IED) explosion in a rented two-storey house in Khagragarh in Burdwan town, about 100 km from Kolkata, killed two persons, exposing a network of Bangladeshi jihadi elements running an arms and explosives factory in the state. Among the accused who pleaded guilty are Sajid, Amina Bibi, Rajia Bibi and one named Laden.

Source HINDU. 19 convicted in Khagragarh blast 

12. U.P. Amethi-Dalit family assaulted for running a computer centre in a minority dominated neighbourhood. June 2019.

Miscreants barge inside the workplace of a Dalit woman, rip apart her kurta, declare their intention of making her a Muslim. When her husband intervenes, he is dragged to the street and brutally beaten with iron rods and abused with casteist slurs.”


“The First Information Report (FIR) in the case was filed on 21 June by Shashank Padam Bhushan Sonkar, 27, and his wife Gayatri. The police booked four men — Mazrool Hasan, Shabbu, Faiziyab and Rehaan.”

Source Swarajya. Read Dalit woman was Molested and husband thrashed by mob

13. U.P.-Muslim beaten by fellow Muslims for reading Ramayana. July 2019.  

“Dilsher Khan was beaten up by his community members for reading the Ramayana. On his complaint, the police arrested two men, Sameer and Zakir. The accused, who live less than a hundred metres away from victim Dilsher Khan’s house, recently got out on bail.”


Source Swarajyamag. UP man beaten by fellow co-religionists wants to leave village

14. Ahmednagar-Hindu woman raped, given death threats for not converting to Islam. July 2019.  

A Hindu women has alleged that she was repeatedly raped by Muzaffar Latif Patel and his associate Gulshan Sheikh for over two years and later given death threats for not converting to Islam, Patrika has reported.”

Source Swarajyamag. Hindu woman raped given deaths threats in Maharashtra

15. Kolkata-Doctors of NRS Hospital attacked after Muslim patient dies. June 2019. 

“On Monday night, Mohammed Shahid, a resident of Tangra, passed away at the NRS Medical College and Hospital. Soon after, family members of the deceased reached the hospital around 11 pm and clashed with the junior doctors on duty.”

Source India Today. Read An Intern doctor’s fractured skull has Kolkata up in arms

Mysore Palace is awesome, when illuminated even more so.

16. Delhi-Man stabs 21 year old woman to death. July 2019. 

“Kirti was stabbed multiple times by 25-year-old Mohammad Munasir, who was nabbed by the locals while trying to flee the crime spot.”

Source HINDU. Read Man stabs 21 year old woman to death in Delhi, held 

17. U.P.-Man held for vandalising Hanuman temple. July 2019. 

“One person was arrested for allegedly vandalising a Hanuman temple in Muzaffarnagar's Khatoli area on Friday, police said. The accused identified as Musa hails from Bulandshahr city in Uttar Pradesh.”

Source Firstpost. Man held for vandalising Hanuman temple in Muzaffarnagar

18. Nagpur district-Man Smashes 19-Year-Old Girlfriend's Head over Her "Character”. July 2019. 

According to the official, Ashraf Sheikh has "confessed" that he killed Khushi Parihar because he suspected her so-called character and closeness with some men.”

Source NDTV. Man held for allegedly killing girlfriend 

19. U.P.-Mob Lynches Father for Filing Police Complaint on His Minor Daughter’s Abduction. June 2019. 


“About two months ago, Gangaram Singh Chauhan’s 13-year-old daughter went missing from their house in Aliyabad village in western Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad district. The family soon learnt that it was the man living right opposite to their home --- 25-year-old Mohammad Danish who had taken her.”


Source Swarajya. Read Leave our area you Hindus, Mob lynches father

20. Surat-Police and Muslims clash over protest over mob lynching. July 2019.  

“People from a minority community led by Versatile Minority Forum president advocate Babu Pathan and his associates had taken out a rally to condemn the mob lynching Ansari reportedly without police permission.”

Source Indian Express. Read Police open fire as clash breaks out with people protesting over mob lynching. Father of Tabrej Ansari was killed in a similar way about 15 years when he caught allegedly for committing a theft according to this report.


21. 2023 Tilak forcibly removed, Hindu student beaten in Rajasthan government school.  Source  Swarajyamag.com

I recharged my batteries to compile this. My thoughts are best echoed by what Dr Ambedkar wrote  on the last page of his 1941 book, Thoughts on Pakistan, “These are the reasons why I have addressed so a large part of the argument to the Hindus. A thick and impervious wall of false sentiments and false illusions has prevented the Hindus are receiving fresh light. I do not know how far I have succeeded in making breeches in the wall to let in light in the dark places. I am satisfied that I have done my duty.” Pg 352

Ganga Aarti Kashi.  

Utmost care has been taken in compiling the above. Errors if any are unintended and without malafide intent.

Love and Light

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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