Simple Questions about Sachar Committee Report

Editor  – Realms of paper and news bites were dedicated to the Sachar  Committee Report. However, hardly anyone has questioned the facts and  assumptions made in the report.

The  report was used by UPA to justify various concessions to and schemes  for the benefits of the minorities read to mean primarily the  Muslims.

Two  retired IPS Officers namely Ram Kumar Ohri and Jai Prakash Sharma  took it upon themselves to question alleged Muslim backwardness and  compare their status vs. poor Hindus. They presented these thoughts  in a book titled ‘The Majority Report’ – Untold Story of  Heart-Rending Discrimination against Hindus in ‘Our India’.

The  power point presentation gives a summary of the key points raised in  chapter 6 of the book. The chapter is titled ‘Sixteen Simple  Questions’. Slides also have bar charts on vital human development  indicators, education, economic status etc. The PPT is in English and  Hindi and in PDF format to make it easily downloadable.

Presentation  in English click on PDF file.

Presentation  in Hindi click on PDF file.

If  you wish to buy book write to or call 011 29842070. Publisher site is site  To buy online  Click Here

I  am against providing any subsidy or schemes on the basis of religion  or caste because it divides people. Economic backwardness should be the basis for government assistance.

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