Making Sense Of Jammu & Kashmir Census 2011 Numbers

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In this article, I wish to focus on demographic changes in Jammu & Kashmir since independence and analyze reasons behind the apparent skew, some unexplainable figures. For example, population of Jammu has increased considerably but % and number of voters has not.

The article looks at Census numbers from 1951 and 2011 for the State, by region and religion. It analysis the changes in demographics for eg How did Kashmir's population increase by 1411k in 10 years from 2001 to 2011 is a million dollar question? Was there a co-relation between the 75% increase in Kashmir's population between 1981 to 2001 and spurt in militancy during this period? Lastly article gives you a brief background on allocation of assembly seats between regions.

In order to ensure that Kashmir controls the State Assembly for eternity  strategists felt the need to increase their sphere of influence outside the Valley. One way of doing this was to improve Kashmir's connectivity with Rajouri and Poonch. So the State PWD constructed the Mughal Road. Earlier Srinagar to Poonch was a 556 km drive through Jammu, now reduced to 176 kms. There exists a plan to construct an all weather road, Wailoo Tunnel,  between Kishtwar and Anantnag in the Valley.

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