Foreign funds to NGOs- Why better scrutiny is needed FCRA Report 2008-09

In absolute terms the  contributions received by individual states are huge. 

Most of the reported inflows are  concentrated in the four southern states, Delhi and Maharashtra. Wonder why?

The % UP compares contributions  received in 2007-08 vs. 2008-09.As compared to 2007-08 the % increases are  significant in Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala, Gujarat, Orissa, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh  and Jharkhand.

Among the districts, the largest  recipients of contributions were Chennai Rs 756 crs, Mumbai Rs 575 crs, Bangalore  Rs 702 crs, Kolkatta Rs 371 crs, Hyderabad/Secunderabad Rs 301 crs, Ananthpur  Rs 309 crs, Ernakulam Rs 209 crs and Ahmedabad Rs 237 crs.

These are huge sums for  individual districts, be it Rs 756 crs for Chennai or Rs 309 crs for Ananthour  in Andhra Pradesh.

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