Un-considered objections related to Ayurveda


We are looking from some days about ayurvedic treatment and drug. Some concerns are being raised, some articles are also published and social media being used for this purpose. The reason is very clear. Good days are coming for ayurvedic science and by opposing it all cheap popularities may be obtained.


Well. It is necessary to have a classical discussion.


While talking about ayurveda the objectionable issues are related to use of Mercury and heavy metals in ayurvedic drugs. In modern science according to chemistry these substances have a property of poisoning. According to chemistry and modern Medical Sciences it may cause liver and kidney failure. From this view, it seems that Ayurveda is not a science. Hence it is necessary to know the other side of the issue.


1. We know the objection holders are knowledgeable persons, others are reporters and laymen. Whether they are giving such type of statements against Ayurveda after studying or practicing Ayurvedic science? The answer is no. All scripture have to accept that one should comment after the perfect knowledge of that particular science.


2. There are many established and unestablished medical sciences present in the world.  But for all the medical sciences the sources of medical drugs are same i.e. herbs and animals and metal or minerals. So if the sources of drug production in the world are same for every medical science, then what is the difference between the scriptures?


The answer is that though the sources of drugs are same but the method of preparation of the drug is different in every science.


3. Metals and mercury are poisonous according to chemistry. The atom of Mercury or metals, as it is, is poisonous. The question is, whether Ayurveda is using it as it is in preparation of medicine? The answer is no.


4. If we burn the herb to ash it is a non-reversible chemical reaction. While preparing Ayurvedic drug there are some procedures performed on the raw materials. Such drugs made from Mercury and metals are converted into the form of Bhasma, broadly we can say Bhasma is as good as ash of that substance. There is no reversible process from Bhasma to original substance.


While processing to make Bhasma, there is a process of purification of substance with the help of herbal and animal products, like oil, buttermilk etc. One of the important processes of purification of substances is Maran. The word Maran means the process of death that implies it will not be converted again in the original form. This process takes place with the help of herbal and animal products. Herbs and animals are living bodies. And hence Bhasmas are made familiar to the body elements.


In short, the Bhasma are not equal to Mercury, copper or iron. It shows that metals are not used in ayurvedic drugs in form of an atom. It is converted and irreversible form of metal.


Mercury is used in Ayurvedic drug in form of Bhasmaor in the form of Kajjali. Kajjali is a process made from Mercury and Sulphur. It is Irreversible fine form as like Bhasma. Kajjali is used in ayurvedic drugs which are not same as Mercury and sulphur.


It is found in the history that in the 16th century the lady dancer of the England were using Mercury for their beauty and longevity, but in what form they were using it is not mentioned.


5. Some examinations are described in ayurvedic text to find out whether Bhasmas are prepared properly or not. Out of them Vari-taratwa and Rekha-purnatwa are described in Ayurveda. Vari-taratwa means capacity of floating on water. Metals are very heavy but in the form of Bhasma they float on water. Rekha- purnatva means if it is taken on finger, the fine lines of finger are visible.


6. The meaning of this explanation is, according to the chemistry Bhasmas​ of metals are not equal to the metals. It is very wrong to apply the characteristics of metals to Bhasma.


7. Rasa mean mercury. From 1000 years mercury is used in India. The drug preparation from Mercury it is called as a Ras-shastra. From 5000 years metals are used in Bhasma form in Ayurveda.


8. If there is any fault in preparation of Bhasma and the Kajjali the side effects are very clearly described in the text of Ayurveda. That means the quality drugs prepared from Mercury and metals and impure drugs from metals and mercury were very well known to Ayurveda, the science of life. And impurified drugs in any medical sciences not a failure of that science. And we have to remember this always.


9. By all this discussion the above objections are not correct and are baseless.


I wish all scientists may come for the purpose of the society and India to discuss to conclude on this issue. I am very thankful to Shri Subodh Tiwari who insisted me to write an article on this Un- considered issue.


Author is B.A.M.S,A.V.P.,M.D.(Ayu),M.A.(Sanskrit), Ph.D (Ayu) and Ex Dean, Maharashtra University of health Sciences, Nashik, Maharashtra.


This article was first published in the 2017 Newsletter of Kaivalyadhama, Lonavala, Maharashtra.

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