• By Swami Sivananda
  • March 2002

Sun Cure        

In India sun is worshipped as a Devata or God. Worship of sun bestows health, knowledge, power and vitality. Sun is the presiding deity of the eyes. He is the presiding deity of health and healing. He is the fountain of health and energy.

What a great marvel! The sun burns without oil and wick! It is a mass of infinite, inexhaustible energy. What you see is only the physical sun. There is the Supreme Being within the sun. The sun is the supreme head of the Navagrahas. Lord Sani (Saturn) is His offspring. Sun is the visible representative of Brahman.

In the daily morning prayer there comes in the Vedic text, “Asavaditya Brahma-The Sun is Brahman.”

Sun is Mokshadvara or gateway to liberation because the devotee goes to Suryaloka before he attains salvation. Sun is called “Pushan”, the nourisher. Sun is the eye of the Virat or Cosmic Purusha.

The Brahmachari who loses his vitality at night stands before the sun in the early morning and prays, “Punarmanetu Indriyam”-“give me my lost energy and vitality” and regains it.

The sun alone gives rise to time, days, weeks and years. He is Kala or time. Sun is the source of energy and life. Yogis can absorb the energy from the sun and live without food.


Sunlight is absolutely essential for the sick and healthy persons, too. It is necessary for prevention of disease and maintenance of good health also. If the sun does not shine for a day or two people become cheerless. They are dull. They get dyspepsia. They eagerly long to see the sun. How cheerful are they when they see the sun again!

Sunlight acts on the skin. Ergosterol is changed into vitamin D. Sunlight energizes and vitalizes the system. Sunlight is a food.

Sunlight heals wounds efficiently and quickly. It prevents complication. Expose the affected parts to the sun as long as it is convenient.

Sunlight has the power of creating vitamins from foods, which do not contain them.

The skin and nerves are toned by sunbath. Sun is a life-sustaining force. Action of sunlight on the skin supplies vitamin D. Sun cure is as important as fast cure or diet cure.

Sun bathing is highly beneficial in rickets, consumption and in all diseases. Sun is the source of energy and life. Sunlight stimulates the circulation of blood and helps assimilation and elimination. It cleanses the blood, tones up the nerves and keeps the skin in a healthy condition.

It is the light of the sun that energizes, nourishes and invigorates but not heat.

When you walk in the sun cover your head with a cloth. Do not allow the hot rays of the sun to fall on the back of the head.

In the slums where there is no sunlight there are a large number of cases of rickets and consumption. Lack of sunlight leads to the development of consumption.

Solar Eye Bath

Stand before the sun in the early morning. Look at the sun with open eyes for a few seconds. Then close the eyes, come to the shade and palm the eyes. This will remove all sorts of eye-diseases.


Do Trataka gently on the early morning sun before the white rays emanate for a few seconds. Then close the eyes. This will steady the mind and remove all ocular ailments. Gaze with open eyes through a green leaf daily for 5 or 10 minutes. After gazing is over have the eye bath. Dash cold water into eyes with the hand.

Fashion and modern civilization have entirely spoiled the health of man. He wears a banyan, shirt, waistcoat, coat, overcoat, muffler, stockings, etc. He does not allow the sunlight to act on his skin. Hence he suffers from various sorts of skin diseases and other ailments.

O ignorant fashionable man! Expose the body to the influence of the sun’s light and enjoy good health. Wear only thin white cotton clothing. Avoid too much dress. Be natural and simple in your dress.


Some followers of nature cook their food through the heat of the sun. They say that this is more healthy and hygienic. The ripe fruits, which are on a tree, are the sun-cooked fruits. Pluck them, wash them and eat. They are very wholesome and healthy.


Cover your head with a folded wet cloth and expose the rest of the body. Walk in the warm sunshine – in the forenoon or afternoon. This is a good kind of sun bathing.

Bask in the morning and evening sun. Put on very light clothing. Keep your face and head in the shade or under cover. After some time, come to the shade, rub the body with a wet cloth and again return to the sun.

If you are strong and healthy practice this. If you feel warm, cover yourself with a wet cloth and remain in the sun. Keep the face and head under cover. Or put on folded wet cloth on your head and face. You can take a cold bath after the sunbath is over.

If you are very strong cover your body with a dry cloth and lie in the sun till you perspire freely. Cover your head and face with green leaves or wet cloth. Come to the shade after some time. Wipe the sweat with a wet cloth. You can take a cold bath.

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