• By Swami Sivananda
  • March 2002

Color Cure     

How to Cure Diseases by Color Power

Chromopathy or Color-Cure offers a system of natural cure without the help of any chemical or drug. The human body, built up of cells, is composed of various elements present in certain definite proportions. When this proportion is disturbed and the body is thrown out of balance then symptoms of diseases arise. Colors have been found to possess the power to supply such deficiencies in bodily make up and to restore the proper balance. Then body begins to function normally once again and health is retained.

Inner disturbance usually becomes manifest as over-heated condition of the system or chill or dryness of the body. In Chromopathy the treatment is directed at these primary complaints. Certain colors increase heat, others reduce it. Some cool and allay dryness of the system. Red and blue are the most important and most generally used colors in chromopathy.

Each color can be transmitted to the human system directly as a medium or chemical agent. It can be applied to the skin through irradiated oil. It can be transmitted into water, or sugar, which can be taken internally.

The water or sugar is charged by being put into colored bottles and irradiated in the direct rays of the sun. Passing through the colored glass, the warm colored rays of the sun charge the substances (water, sugar or oil) with the particular color-power.

The time required for irradiation differs in different substances. Water should be exposed to the sun for at least a minimum of 4 hours. Sugar is to be irradiated for at least 2 weeks continuously. Oil (usually gingili or til oil preferable) should be exposed to the sun for not less than 40 days. The above is the minimum time needed for each substance. If they are kept longer, well and good.

Sugar is for internal use, water for both internal and external use, and oil is for external use only. The advantage of sugar is that it is dry and can be conveniently carried about in a packet or a small box. It is handy in case of emergency during travel. Also it does not deteriorate. But sugar should not be administered to diabetic patients and to those with intestinal irritation. In such case water alone can be given. Oil is useful for application and massage.

The dosage of irradiated sugar and water is ordinarily one ounce (for adults) twice a day, i.e., morning and evening. But treatment will have to be intelligently given according to the degree and intensity of the complaint. In very acute cases comparatively larger doses, repeated at frequent intervals, will have to be given. In minor cases small and fewer doses will be sufficient to affect the cure. In trouble indicating urgent treatment like cholera, snakebite and rabies, frequent and large doses should be administered. Chronic cases require slow treatment. Over-dosage should be avoided.

When light enters a room the walls of which are dark in color, considerable part of the incoming light is absorbed by the walls. The person who lives in such a room will be living under a very dark shadow. He will be almost deprived of the influence of light.

Influence of Color on Health

Red gives the thermal rays and is a warming color. Red is a great energizer. It is the father of vitality. Red is heating. It warms the arterial blood and promotes circulation of blood. It is stimulating to the arterial blood. It is desirable in cold or bluish conditions. Red is very rich in calorific rays. It is contra-indicated in inflammable and over-excitable conditions.

Red is a nerve stimulant. It is beneficial in chronic rheumatism, bronchitis, dysmenorrhoea, impotency and advanced cases of consumption. It is a great tonic.

Under the red light the red blood corpuscles multiply in the blood.

Red removes dormant or sluggish conditions. Red strengthens will power and courage. Red is useful in curing paralysis.

Spinach, red skinned fruits, red currants, red plums, red cabbage, chillies, etc., radiate red rays.


Orange is warming and cheering. Red orange is the warmest of all. It is very beneficial in stimulating the blood and the nerves.

Chronic rheumatism, chronic asthma, bronchitis, gout, inflammation of the kidneys, gallstones, epilepsy, cholera and cessation of menstruation are cured by orange.

Orange skinned vegetables and fruits, carrots, pumpkins, oranges, apricots, mangoes, peaches, etc., radiate orange rays.


Yellow ray is inspiring, vitalizing and stimulating.

Banana pineapple, lemons, yellow skinned fruits and vegetables radiate yellow rays.

Yellow is an effective treatment for all kinds of leprosy.

Yellow is useful in indigestion, constipation, flatulence, liver affections, diabetes, blind piles, eczema and other skin diseases, stomach troubles, nervous exhaustion, paralysis, eye-diseases, syphilis, and impotency. It stimulates the brain.


Green is the king of colors. It is mild sedative. It is soothing and relieves pain. It is made up of blue and yellow. It preserves and strengthens the eyesight. It exercises a very soothing influence on the eyes and brain. It is useful in inflammations of the womb, hysteria, etc. In sexual irritability and involuntary seminal discharges the green light is used over the back and the lower spine.

Green is beneficial in syphilis, neuralgia, and diseases of heart, blood pressure, headache, ulcers, cancer and influenza.


Blue is astringent, refrigerant, cooling, contracting, antiseptic, febrifuge, spasmodic, soporific and anti-inflammatory.

Blue contains the chemical or actinic rays. It is a better sedative than the green, it relieves pain. It is a local anaesthetic, too. The blue light is useful in all fevers, skin diseases and old ulcers.

Blue is beneficial in painful menstruation, spasms, headache, toothache, fevers, goiter, hoarseness of voice, typhoid, cholera, epilepsy, hysteria, palpitation, vomiting, purging, dysentery, diahorrea, jaundice, colic, biliousness, inflammation of bowels, etc.


Indigo is cooling and astringent. It is a mixture of warming red and cooling blue.

Indigo is useful in pneumonia, bronchitis, whooping cough, asthma, consumption, indigestion, eye, ear and nose troubles, nervous complaints, leucorrhoea, hydrocele and diseases of the womb.


It is a stimulant of the highest ideals. It is a stimulative to the intuitive, spiritual nature. Power of meditation increases if you meditate under the rays of the violet light.

Violet increases the red cells of the blood. It produces sleep in nervous conditions. It is useful in acute cases of tuberculosis.

Violet is beneficial in neuralgia, sciatica, epilepsy, rheumatism, cramps, cerebro-spinal meningitis, neurosis, etc.

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