• By Dr. K. Devikrishnan
  • June 4, 2024
  • What is the cause and symptoms of stress? Which Oils can calm stress? And what are their key ingredients?  

Stress is a state of worry or nervousness caused by a difficult situation. It is a natural reaction that prompts to take action according to the threats or challenges in day today life. All the people are suffering from stress but the way we react or respond to stress makes a big difference. It affects the physical and mental health and some persons need more care. A person with good mental strength rarely suffers from any psychological issues.


Keep a daily routine and spend the time worth fully. Fix a correct time for food, recreation, watching electronic media, news papers etc. Keep in touch with family members and friends. Avoid alcohol and smoking. Regular daily exercise will decrease the level of stress. Try to eat a balanced diet with lot of vegetables, fruits and food items with proteins. Food plays an important role in psychosomatic disorders.  Incompatible   food makes toxins in the body and causes of life style diseases and psychological disorders.


It is very easy to diagnose a person who is under stressful conditions.


Symptoms of Stress- Stressed person can’t take a good decision. They are unable to concentrate on work or remember things. Constantly worry or sad or in a furious state. Withdraw from people around or from family members. Eat too much or little. Insomnia, excessive thinking of unwanted matters   suffering from dizziness and headache. Difficulty in breathing, indigestion, high blood pressure, sleep troubles, fatigue etc. are common symptoms of stress.  


So many psychosomatic problems are occurred in Covid 19 survivors like insomnia, depression, anxiety, irritable nature and hallucination. Atatvabhinivesha as described in Charakasamhita is a condition of abnormal thinking and the manners as in obsessive compulsive disorder. Now days Covid 19 is a major cause for disease like Gadodveka (hypochondriasis) - people with anxiety disorder, have an unrealistic fear that they have a serious medical condition or a fear that they have a medical condition to become ill. During the menopause time the estrogen hormone level changes and hot flashes may occur in women.

The oil application on head helps to reduce the anxiety and stress related ailments. So many medicated oils are described in classical ayurvedic text books like Sarngadharasamhita, Ashtangahridaya, Sahasrayoga etc.


If we consider the human body to be a tree, the head is considered to be the roots of this tree, the central portion of the body is the trunk of tree, the upper limb and lower limb are considered to be the branches of the tree. The roots nurture the tree and control the overall activities of the body. Similarly the head controls the all body functions. The main sense organs are also situated on head.


Thus, head is considered as the Uthamanga of the body. So the external application of oil on head is beneficial to eyes, ears and brain. Shiro Abhyanga is a part of daily regimen. The oils may activate certain areas of brain like lymbic system which plays a role in emotions. Oil application regulates the functions of neuroendocrine system.


The following oils are usually prescribed by doctors in stress, anxiety and other mental disorders.


1. Baladhatryaditailam: This gingelly oil based oil is prepared according to Sahasrayoga. The main ingredients are Bala, Dhatri, Guluchi, Usira, Hribera, Chandana, Yashti, Satavarietc. This oil cures the disease of head, cooling and smoothening.


2. Balaswagandhaditailam: Bala, Aswagandha, Laksha, Durva, Madhuka, Useera, Chandana etc. are the main contents in the oil and prepared according to Sahasryoga.


3. Brahmitailam: Brahmi and Yashtimadhuka are the important contents in this gingelly based oil. This unique proprietary  product of Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala is  used in headache, insomnia, anxiety, stress and other mental disorders.


4. Valiya Bhringamalakaditailam: It is an exclusive medicated gingelly oil based product useful in insomnia, tension, anxiety, burning sensation etc. It is very cooling and improves power of vision. The main ingredients include Bringa, Amalaka, Tender coconut, Yashti etc.


5. Valiya Chandanaditailam: Prepared according to Sahasrayoga. It is used in insomnia, confused mind, alcoholism, burning sensation. The main ingredients include Chandana, Useera, Dhatri, Sariba, Brahmi, Satavari, Kumari, tender coconut etc.


6. DhanvantaratailamWell-known medicine described in Ashtangahridaya usually prescribed in rheumatic complaints, pre and post natal care is also used in stress related conditions. Dasamula, Bala, Yava etc are main contents in this oil.


7. Valiya Narayanatailam: Usually prescribed in rheumatic diseases, prepared according to Sahasrayoga and beneficial in mental disorders also. Vilw, Aswagandha, Syonaka, Punarnava etc.are the major contents


8. Lakshadikeratailam: A pediatric coconut oil based preparation used in epilepsy. It is useful in pregnancy period and prevents respiratory disorders also. Preparation is based on Ashtangahridaya. Laksha, Aswagandha, Nisa etc. are the main contents.


9. Valiya Lakshaditailam: According to Sahasrayoga it is more effective than Lakshadikerataila. The main ingredients include Useera, Bala, Laksha etc.


Only some important oils useful in stress related conditions are mentioned here.


In addition to the external application of oils appropriate usage of medicated ghees like Kalayanaka ghritam, Mahakalyanaka ghritam, pills like Manasamitravatakam, Nirgundyadigulika, decoctions like Mahatiktam kashayam, Drakshadi Kashayam, Arishtams like Saraswatarishtam, Aswagandharishtam and Aswagandha tablet according to the  disease conditions will help to cure psychological problems.


Author    Dr. K. Devikrishnan, Chief Sub Editor, Centre for Textual Studies and Publications, Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal.


This article was first published in Oushadham Magazine (Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers Association of India). Author has asked esamskriti to share article.  

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