Konkankada Valley Rapping

By Ashok Patil | 2011

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To reach there go from Mumbai to Malshet Ghat ka top village Khireshwar. Or take a train to Kalyan bus to Malshet and then walk. Starting trek from Khireshwar village upwards. This is a one night two day trip app cost Rs 4500/ in 2010.

Enroute climbing path, deep inside the forest. Spend the night in tents.

Climbing rocky patch to cross the pass.

U see Khireshwar Dam in the background, center of picture at lower level is Khireshwar village and we have climbed the pass to come up. This pic is clicked from above the pass.

End of pic is top of Harishchandragad (Shivaji`s fort height 4,500 feet). There is a temple on top of the fort. The fort looks down on Konkan.

Enroute u see a carving of Om, Shivling and Nag (snake).

In the fort is a temple that u see. It is a Shivji ka mandir.

U see a small Kund (water body).

Konkankada top. From here it is a 1800 feet drop for those who want to take it. It is very windy here. U can do Konkankada in two ways. One is Valley Crossing (when u come down diagonally) ie height down 600 feet and Rappling (when u come down vertically)

This is a view of Konkankada. Valley crossing is from left of centre of pic to right of picture.

This picture shows u the entire drop of 1800 feet.

This shows the Valley Crossing starting point from Konkangada top. U see the ropes on the left of picture.

Rappling starting point from Konkankada top that u see on left of picture.

Valley Crossing starting, u see person getting down.

Valley Crossing mid way.

Valley Crossing top view.

Valley Crossing and Rappling ending point that is on right of picture.

Balance rappling of 1200 feet is done in 3 stages of 400 feet each. Person u see is controlling the descend with the help of ropes.

After rappling is over the rope is being pulled up in the background of Sunset.

Sunset. When the rappling is over, u walk for 2 hours to a village Belpada. From there the bus takes you home.

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