Kaas Plateau of Flowers

By Prasad and Snehal Pandhare prasad.pandhare@gmail.com | 2011

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U see a view of the Kaas Plateau ie known as Maharashtra''s Valley of Flowers. It is 30kms from Satara ie 150kms from Pune. If u leave Mumbai at 6.30am reach in about 6 hrs. To read travelogue and see pics Click here

From Satara you drive uphill to reach the Kaas plateau. The Valley of Flowers in Uttranchal is high up in the hills, a valley with moutains on all sides. Another view of the Plateau.

Flower ka pic. It is also said that this carpets changes its colours every 10-15 days, depending upon the dominant flowers during that particular time. This time the pink color lawns of Impatiens and white carpets of Eriocaulons were dominant. Last time of the year the same location was covered by the purple-blue colour flowers of Karvy, Strobilanthes sp. This flower blooms after every 7 years

The plants come alive at the advent of monsoon, and once the monsoons is over it is left in dried branches. This pattern is followed for regularly for 6 years and suddenly in the seventh year the plant explodes into the mass flowering dominating the other plant species.

Pics are clicked by husband wife duo of Prasad and Snehal. The latter specializes in close up photography.

U see a number of windmills at Chalakewadi ie close to Kaas Plateau.

U see another view of the flowers. Best time to visit is between mid Sept to mid Oct. Monsoons is also a great time to visit.

A pic of the Shutterbug Club of Dombivali (near Mumbai) of which Prasad is a member.

You see an image of Kanher Dam. Pictures clicked by Prasad are awesome. I was fortunate to meet him at the Elephanta Festival

Another view. Coastal Maharashtra during the monsoons are a nature lover''s delight.

Pic from top of the Kaas Plateau. Also visit Thoseghar Waterfalls ie supposed to be super. For that u have to come back to Satara and then drive 20 kms.

This looks like a postcard - super pic. Narrations written by Editor - borrowed some description from other sites as this is not an area of competence.

As I said coastal Maharashtra is super during the monsoons.

A close up view of the flowers. Can readers help with names of flowers please. Please mail pic nos and name to esamskriti@suryaconsulting.net

Snehal''s pics are superb.

Another close up, it feels as if the insect is right in front of me.

Kaas Plateau is famous for its flaura and fauna - plants.

Drops of water.

A flower.

Colorful flowers. Prasad has been going to Kaas for a few years now. He says it has become very popular in the last couple of years. On weekends it is like a picnic so suggested better to go on a weekday.

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