• By Swami Sivananda
  • March 2002

Treatment at a Glance    

1. Question: What indigenous treatment would you suggest to prevent baldness?
Answer: Massage the head with cut pieces of lemon before taking bath. Have another massage with lemon juice mixed with equal part of coconut or till oil, before retiring to bed. Do Sarvangasana and Sirshasana. Have sufficient quantity of milk and fruits in your diet. Brahmi Amla can be used with benefit. The treatment will have to be continued for a least one year with perseverance.

2. Question: What is the naturopathic remedy for biliousness and vomiting?
Answer: Cut a few big, juicy lemons. Have a thick dressing with black pepper, fried cumin seeds and rock salt and apply the same over the cut out portion of the lemon. The powders should be of equal proportions. Now heat the lemon piece over gentle fire so that the juice may slowly boil and simmer through the powder. After half a minute squeeze out the powder-saturated juice into an ounce glass. A few drops of this preparation may be sipped at short intervals. It will allay biliousness and prevent vomiting.

3. Question: What is your remedy for general digestive trouble, flatulence, acidity, etc.?
Answer: Soak quarter to half a pound of raisins (either kishmis or munakka) in a cup of water overnight, after they have been thoroughly cleaned. In the early morning drink the water, in which the raisins had been soaked, mixed with half an ounce of lemon juice. Take the raisins after a few hours. Vajra, Paschimottana, Salabha, Ardga Matsyendra and Mayura Asanas can be performed with benefit. Avoid night meals. Let the diet be easily digestible, free from fats, nutritious and palatable. Have sufficient fruits and vegetables.


1. Do Japa. Pray to God.
2. Live on nutritious fruits and milk. Take enema.
3. Have Breakfast of raisins soaked in water, with half a cup of milk.
Midday: bread and vegetables. Evening: fresh fruits and raisins plus milk.
4. Live in open air. Take sun bath.
Do Sarvangasana and Matsyasana.
Deep breathing exercise are beneficial.
5. Take Shilajit and Chyavanaprash.
6. If there is sufficient vitality you can be cured.

Infantile Paralysis

1. Improve the general health.
2. Light exercises: especially for the affected parts.
3. Toning up massage of the body.
4. Sun bath.
5. Wear red clothes for a short time and move about in the open air.
6. Rub sweet oil mixed with lemon juice and expose the affected parts to sun, for a short time.
7. If constipated: Inject with syringe juice of a lemon mixed with equal quantity of water into rectum.
8. Take milk with orange juice or lemon juice with honey.


1. Observe strict Brahmacharya. Do Japa. Read Aditya Hridaya.
2. Do Suryanamaskara facing the sun (at sunrise). Take sun bath. Do Pranayama.
3. Live on milk and fruits. Take enema.
4. Massage the affected parts with Chaulmugra oil.
5. Apply clay plaster on body, followed by hipbath in the evening.
6. Take 3 drops of Chaulmugra oil with a teaspoonful of sugar or jaggery daily once.


1. Do Japa and pray to God.
2. Deep breathing without Kumbhaka.
3. Rest. Change to a better climate.
4. Shilajit twice daily.
5. Bio chemical remedy:
Kali Phos. 30X in the evening.
Natrum Mur. 30X in the morning.
6. Ayurvedic:
Re. Asafetida 2 drachms.
Boiling water 10 ounces.
Strain and cool.
Take one tablespoonful of the above thrice daily.


1. Do Japa. Pray to God.
2. Avoid articles of food causing biliousness, acidity and flatulence.
Milk and fruit diet as long as you can relish.
Use enema.
3. Dash cold water on head and face.
4. Apply cold pack on chest.
5. Drink a few tablespoonfuls of irradiated water (prepared by exposing water to the sun for 6 to 8 hours in a blue glass-can be used for 1 or 2 days).
6. For a few minutes daily, expose that head to the blue rays of the sun passing through a blue glass pane fixed in a wooden frame and kept nearly.

Skin Diseases

1. General:
Take enema. Have short fasts. Take sunbaths.
Practice Sitali and Sitakari Pranayamas.
Take 20 Neem leaves daily.
2. Diet:
Avoid the following: sugar, jaggery, spices, pulses, grams, fried stuffs, maida and milled rice.
Take the following:
Whole-wheat flour breads, or whole rice; vegetables, a raw vegetable salad; in the morning one lemon in a cup of hot water; at 9 a.m. orange or grapes.
3. Medicine:
(a) Cold packs to be changed every half an hour in the day and to be kept the whole night.
(b) Mudpack gives quick relief.
(c) Vigorous rubbing with vegetable oil, i.e., amla, coconut or til oil.
(d) Burn the kernel of a coconut; use the secreted oil.


1. Allopathic: Filarial injections.
2. Ayurvedic: Punarnavasa.
3. Nature Cure: (a) Give up tomatoes and all grain foods for a month. (b) Take milk and fruits. Also take garden spinach and curd. (c) Daily enema in this period is necessary.


1. Apply Chaulmugra oil over the parts.
2. Take 5 to 10 drops of the same internally with milk and honey twice daily.
3. Apply Bawachi oil or Bawachi powder with curd on the affected parts.
4. Or use LEUCODIL (available from chemists.)
5. Avoid the following: Sugar cane, black-gram, radish, curd, jaggery.
6. Fast for a day. Then for one week live on milk and fruits. Then for a week take the usual day-meal and in the night take milk and fruits. Then resume your normal diet. Use daily enema during this period.


1. Avoid the following: Working late at night; strain on the eyes; overwork; worries; constipation; tea and coffee.
2. Take daily long walks.
3. Enema. Fasting. Milk and fruit diet.
4. Finish your evening meal before 7 p.m.
5. Before sleep do Japa and study spiritual books
6. Take the juice of one lemon in a cup of hot water in the morning and at bedtime.
7. For about 15 minutes, one at a time, try:
(a) A cold pack on the head.
(b) Hipbath or abdominal wet pack.
(c) Hot footbath.

Heart Trouble

1. Avoid all exertion-physical or mental.
Be cheerful and optimistic. Have a calm mind. Avoid all emotions, depression, etc. Give up smoking, if you are addicted to it.
Do Japa and pray to God. Have devotion to Him.
2. Graduated exercises are good.
Perform deep breathing (without Kumbhaka).
3. Before going to bed apply a cold pack on the chest for 15 minutes. You can do it in the daytime also, if convenient.
4. Do not overload the stomach.
5. Use Chyavanaprash.
6. Live on milk and fruit diet as long as you can. Take enema.

Minor Ailments

1. Throat Trouble:
(a) Enema
(b) At night cold pack round the throat.
(c) Gargle with warm water mixed with lemon juice or common salt.
(d) Morning and evening take the juice of a lemon in a cup of warm water.
2. Heat in the body:
(a) Hipbath daily for 15 minutes or cold pack.
(b) For heat in the head, rub castor oil in the soles of the feet at night. Brahmi Amla oil is useful.
3. For Graying Hair:
(a) Be cheerful. Avoid worry.
(b) Apply Brahmi Amla oil.
(c) Do Sirshasana and Sarvangasana.
(d) Comb with wooden comb.
4. Rickets:
(a) Leafy vegetables.
(b) Massage with mustard or cold-liver oil.
(c) Sun bath for 15 minutes.
5. Scurvy:
Tomato and lemon juice is good.

Household Natural Remedies

Acidity: 1. Take parched rice and grated coconut.
              2. Drink the juice of one lemon with honey.
Blood Pressure: Take leafy vegetables, plantains, dates, potatoes, and leaves of Basil plant.
Blood Purification: A cup of hot water in the morning or about one hour before meals.
Constipation: Use figs, plums, raw cabbage, dates, lemon or orange juices.
Cold and Catarrh: Use cold pack of 8 tolas of a wet cloth wrapped by a woolen cloth round the neck at night. Observe fast. Use tea prepared from ginger and Basil leaves. Take turmeric powder half a teaspoonful in a cup of hot milk.
Diarrhea: Use ginger with jaggery.
Dysentery: Take plantain with milk or rice with curd, or live on buttermilk alone.
Earache: Put a drop of ginger juice or borax into the ear.
Eye Troubles: Wash the eyes with a solution of 2 grains of alum in 20 Tolas or 8 ounces of water or with one part of lemon juice dissolved in six parts of water.
Fever: Fast. Take 3 black peppers and 5 or 10 Bsil leaves. Also take 5 Neem leaves.
Headache: Apply paste of sandal and camphor to the forehead. Or wrap a cold pack round the head.
Inflammation: Foment with hot water.
Liver Troubles: Drink lemon juice. Eat tomatoes.
Leucorrhoea: Eat one plantain with a spoonful of ghee.
Malaria: Take one-eighth Tola of black pepper powder with sugar or Gur or 3 black peppers with 5 Neem leaves.
Sore Mouth: Apply honey or almond paste.
Piles: Use 2 Tolas or 1 ounce of juice of radish and its green leaves with a spoonful of ghee. Take guavas and water nuts.
Rheumatism: Foment with hot water. Drink lemon juice. Rub with oil mixed with lemon juice.
Spleen Troubles: Eat Papaya fruit.
Sprains: Have cold-water pack. If there is pain have hot water pack.
Stomachache: Eat 20 Basil leaves.
Scabies: Use lemon juice internally and externally.
Toothache: Clean the teeth daily with lemon juice, common salt or Neem sticks.
Weakness: Take plantains, water nuts, carrots, black raisins and amla.
Women’s Troubles: Drink lemon juice with ginger and sugar
Wounds: Apply fine powder of catechue or quaked lime.
Cheap Tonic: Soak the rind of citrus fruits like lemons or oranges, in water for 24 hours and drink the juice in the morning.
Note: No digestive tonic can come up to the mark of cheerfulness of mind. Joy floods every cell with mental sunlight.

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