Do foreign contributions to India impact national Security FCRA Report 2007-2008

Food for Thought
1. GOI does not appear to know the total amount  remitted to all 34,803 associations registered under FCRA.
2. Why is the Secular world remitting thousands of  crs into India  every year?
3. Is there any underlying motive behind most of  the inflows going to the Southern states, Delhi  and Maharashtra?
4. Does GOI have a reasonable estimate of the money  that comes in from the Middle East through the  hawala route?
5. Should not the Home Ministry have independent  Chartered Accountants to randomly audit the accounts of associations to ensure  that money is used for what it was meant for and reporting under FCRA is  correct?
6. Must not the Home Ministry initiate penal action  against associations that fail to submit audited accounts as stipulated?
7. In the absence of the above there is a  possibility that some inflows could be used for spreading Terrorism!
8. What is the impact of these large inflows on  National Security and India’s  social fabric?
9. Does not GOI need to further regulate inflows  and tighten controls?
10.It appears that the nation has so  far not paid adequate attention to inflows under FCRA and its consequences.

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All data is taken from the FCRA  reports published by the Home Ministry Government of India. Errors if any are  regretted.

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