Foreign Funding of Indian NGOs

Did you know that NGOs in India received over Rs 116,000 crs from abroad   between 1993 to 2012. And mind you this number represents receipts by only about   55% of the NGO’s authorised by the Home Ministry to receive foreign   contributions. Actual receipts were much higher.

The article has data, analysis and more importantly raises thought   provoking questions.

Data includes the   total number of registered NGO’s and % who submitted audited accounts, year wise   trends in foreign contributions from 1993 to 2012, largest donors country wise   from 2002-03 onwards, top 15 donors Agency wise trends 2009 to 2011, About   Donors (their Mission statement and site url), top 15 recipient organizations   2008 to 2011, About Donors (their Mission, are audited accounts on web site),   Trends of State Wise Contribution select years from 2002-03 onwards, top   recipient districts, utilization of foreign contributions and how article 29 and   30 has favored Christians like Ryan International Group who run a network of 128   schools across the country.

Article in PDF format. To read article PDF.

Article was also published in the Indian Defence Review 

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