HOLI in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

  • Pictures of Holi celebrations in Chhoti Kashi Mandi.

Holi celebrations in Mandi start with parikrama of palanquin of Madhav Rai (Shree Krishna) and then go to Seri Munch to celebrate Holi. Madhav Rai is considered to be a form of Sri Krishna and the King of Mandi. The whole town comes together to celebrate Holi. They dance to Mandyali and Hindi songs. The festival showcases Mandiyal culture. The entire Seri Bazar/ Market is filled with the hues to various colours, dancing the tune of Dhol, Nagada, Thankru (big trumpet), Ransingha/ Narsingha (S shape trumpet), Karnaal, Shehnai and DJ. This parikrama or circumambulation or Shobha Yatra or Procession of deities is called Jaleb in local pahadi language.


We present pictures of Holi in Mandi. See links at end of piece to know why Holi is celebrated and albums on Holi celebrations across India. 


Nati dance performed at temple, where local Gods are worshipped.  Madho Rai procession. The palanquin does a parikrama of Mandi. It starts from Madhorai temple & reaches Raj Devta Madhorai temple. 


Holi celebrations at Seri Manch.  Holi is also about dance and fun.  


Kinnaur in Himachal is also well known for its Holi celebrations. 


“Holi in Kinnaur district’s Sangla Valley is celebrated uniquely. A 4-day festival – Faguli is celebrated, where Holi is celebrated on the third day with snow and dry colours. Holi celebration includes music, wine distribution, and a skit depicting some scenes from Ramayana.” Source


Mandi based senior journalist Birbal Sharma shared lovely images. We are grateful to him. This is a compilation. Author takes no credit. 


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