Unheard Stories that surround Raksha Bandhan

  • By Ankur Pandey
  • July 31 2019

Undoubtedly, Raksha Bandhan is one of the most celebrated festivals of India, emphasizing the love, responsibility and bond shared by a brother and sister. Yet how much do we even know about numerous stories associated with this festival.

Every Indian festival has its origin in some tradition or folklore, so does Raksha Bandhan. Here are a few less heard stories that exist around this sentimental festival.

Sri Krishna and Draupadi

According to tradition, once Sri Krishna accidentally chopped off his little finger while cutting sugarcane. Although Queen Rukmini had sent some official to get a bandage, Draupadi while being a witness to this incident offered to tear a part of her sari to stop Krishna’s bleeding. To reciprocate her kind gesture Sri Krishna promised to help her when in need.

During the Cheer Haran episode in Mahabharata Sri Krishna saved her from getting embarrassed in front of all. This way he set a good example of the brother-sister bonding.

Yama and the Yamuna

The responsibility that a brother has for his sister is evident with this story that revolves around the Lord of Death, Yama and the river Yamuna.

According to tradition Yamuna tied a rakhi on Yama’s wrist which made him so happy that he granted his sister immortality. After this noble gesture, Yama declared that any brother who has been tied a rakhi would implicitly be responsible for his sister’s protection. Fascinating, right!

Ganesha and Manasa

According to a most commonly held Indian belief Maa Santoshi is said to be Ganesha’s daughter.

Some people claim that Manasa (Ganesha’s sister) came to tie him the sacred thread of protection on this auspicious day. Seeing the rakhi rituals, Ganesha’s sons asked their father for a sister.

Surrendering to their demands, Ganesha blessed Manasa with a baby girl who was called Mata Santoshi. The goddess was said to be created from the godly flames that emerged from his wives Riddhi and Siddhi.

Roxana and King Porus

These historical stories are not just limited to Indian historical characters. Rather, the Rakhi effect was quite popular among foreign invaders, as well.

This story revolves around the wife of King Alexander, Roxana and Porus. Roxana was said to offer this sacred bond of protection to Porus, asking him in return not to harm her husband on the battlefield. To keep up with her request, Porus didn’t harm Alexander and lost the battle of Hydaspes River. In return, he gained Alexander’s trust and became one of his closest mates.

Raksha Bandhan is not just celebrated to tie a  fancy rakhi on your brother’s wrists. Rather it symbolizes what a brother would do everything to protect this sister.  

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