Sanatan Sanstha celebrates Sravan Shivratri in London

  • By Sanatan Sanstha of UK
  • July 27, 2023
    A brief write-up on the celebrations of the holy month of Sravan at Sanatan Sanstha London.

Sanatan Sanstha of UK (SSUK) today celebrated Saavan Shivratri at Shravana Baba Centre in London. The highlight of this program was the idea of inviting more than forty Children from various families to come and learn the importance of Shravana month, why Mahadev is worshipped in this month and learn to do a Rudrabhishek to show our love and gratitude to Shiva.


The program was hosted and explained by Pandit. Ashish Mishra from SSUK Team. Children and their parents participated with full vigour and made the hall reverberate with sounds of ‘Om Namah Shivay’ and other Shiva Mantras. The program also had a special lingam puja performed by the head priest of Sharavana Babaji centre which filled the atmosphere with Vedic Chants. Shiva Bhajan’s were also offered by many devotees. Also children understood the importance of doing a havan after a puja, as per Sanathana Dharma which was the end of the program. 

Renowned Sanatani Sushil Panditji, left to right third person.

The program was managed by SSUK team lead by Ashwani Srivastava, Ashish Mishra, C. K Naidu, Darshan Singh, Ridhi Vyas, Hirdesh Gupta, Ajay Prakash, Anupam Fotedar & Abhi Yogi. The program had multiple volunteers from Sharavana babaji centre who worked together to create a beautiful Saavan Shivratri. More than 100 people came together to do this puja for Mahadev & on occasion Renowned Sanatani Sushil Pandit ji also graced the event who said ‘its very important to educate our Children on Sanatan Dharma’. He congratulated the organisers for doing such a holy event on an auspicious day in London.

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