The Bhagwatam Diary 2004

  • By Sri Aurobindo


1. A human body is obtained with difficulty after countless births in other species. Though impermanent, it is very useful. It is suicidal if a person does not strive for liberation in this birth. Even animals and insects can have sensual enjoyments. (XI-9-29)

2. The Lord cannot be won over as easily with yoga, Philosophical enquiry, virtuous conduct, expertise in scriptures, austerities, renunciation, philanthrophical acts etc. as with the association of holy men which bestows detachment from all objects. (XI-12-1)

3. The mind is completely engaged in all senses, objects of enjoyment and the latter have become inseparably one with the mind. It is impossible to separate the objects from mind. The only way is to abandon both the mind and the objects by remaining established in the form of the Pure Self. (XI-13-26)

4/5. One should look at this world as a false projection of the mind as it is transient and fast changing. It is the one Supreme consciousness which has assumed the diverse forms of the objects of the world and also appears in the three state of waking, sleep etc. (XI-13-34)

6. All the directions pour happiness on a person who is self controlled, and free from all possessions and whose entire mind is happy with thoughts of God alone. (XI-14-13)

7. The mind of a person, thinking of worldly objects, gets attached to them. Similarly the mind thinking of the Lord continuously will get dissolved in Him. (XI-14-27)

8. As the mind becomes more and more purified by hearing Lord’s glories it becomes more and more capable of seeing the subtle things which are hidden from the sight of a common man, (XI-14-26)

9. When the mind which is pure and full of Satwa Guna is surrendered to the Lord, then that person gets all wealth along with a sense of dispassion, true knowledge and all virtues. (XI-19-25)

10. This human body is a precious and well equipped ship piloted by a master (Guru) and helped by the wind of the grace of Lord. Still if a person does not use this body to cross the ocean of Sansara, he is committing his own suicide. (XI-20-17)

11/12. The blind fools who claims this mental illusion of a body as ‘mine’ and look upon other beings as different from themselves will continue to wander in the darkness of the endless transmigratory cycle. (XI-23-50)

13. A person, though wise, should behave playfully like a child; though capable like a fool, scholarly like a mad man and well versed in scriptures like an animal, he should not disclose his true nature. (XI-18-29)

14. A spiritually advanced person should neither take offence nor give offence to anybody. He should tolerate all impertinent comments and should never insult another. (XI-18-31)

15. A person should do his work all the time remembering God mentally, with his heart and mind surrendered to God and full of love for the disciplines imposed in the path of devotion. (XI-29-9)

16. A person should live in holy places inhabited by holy men devoted to the Lord and cultivate the latter’s mode of conduct. (XI-29-10)

17. One should learn to see his own Self pervading all the objects and beings both inside and outside like the undivided space pervading everywhere. (XI-29-12)

18/19. By going on looking at all beings as the Lord Himself, the impurities of the mind i.e. jealously, competition, contempt etc. along with the ego sense will all vanish. (XI-29-15)

20. Kaliyuga is the time when deceit, untruth, idleness, sleep, violence miseries, grief, delusion, fear and wretchedness will be predominant. (XII-3-30)

21. In Kaliyuga for a worthless reason people will break their friendship, will either kill their own kith and kin or be killed by them. (XII-3-41)

22. In Kaliyuga, people will fail to look after their own, old parents. They will not even take care of their brilliant children, being interested only in food and sex. (XII-3-42)

23. In spite of all the defects of Kaliyuga there is one great virtue. Merely by singing of Lord’s glories one can develop detachment and reach the final goal. (XII-3-51)

24. Whatever one gets through meditation in the krita yuga, through elaborate sacrifices in Treta yuga, through ritualistic worship in Dwapara yuga can be attained in Kali yuga just by singing the praises of the Lord. (XII-3-52)

25/26. In Kaliyuga, the entire country will abound in dacoits, the scriptures will be distorted by hypocrites, the kings will live on their subjects and all the scholars will be intent on the satisfaction of sex and stomach. (XII-3-32)

27. In Kaliyuga, the celibates will not live up to their vows and will remain impure. The monks will be greedy after money and will be living with families. The ascetics will live in villages instead of jungles. (XII-3-33)

28. In Kaliyuga the servants will abandon their excellent masters in their days of penury and masters will also abandon the servants fallen in bad times. The cows who have ceased to give milk will be disposed of. (XII-3-36)

29. The space inside a pot merges with the outside space when a pot is broken. Similarly, on the death of a death of a body, the soul merges with the all-pervading pure Consciousness (Brahman). (XII-5-5)

30. It is that literary work which is attractive, beautiful and looks new every time and is capable of drying up all miseries and unhappiness, in which Lord’s glories are extolled. (XII-12-49)

31. O’ Lord of Lords! Kindly grant me that in every birth I shall have an intense devotion to your holy feet. (XII-13-22)

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