The Bhagwatam Diary 2004

  • By Sri Aurobindo


1. A realized soul perceives his body as separate from him, which comes and goes, moves and falls as per destiny. He pays no attention to the body, like a drunken man who is unaware of the clothes on his body. (III-28-37)

2. An enlightened person sees only self-existing in all the beings and all the beings subsisting in the same Self. (III-28-42)

3/4. Just as the same light (electricity) manifests as may in different bulbs, the same Supreme Spirit manifests in various bodies with different conditioning. (III-28-43)

5. The one who worships the Lord as separate deities with a sense of cruelty, hypocrisy and jealousy is a man dominated by Tamas (Lowest Category). (III-29-8)

6. The one who worships the Lord in images etc. motivated by a desire for worldly enjoyment, wealth and fame is of Rajasic nature (Middle Category). (III-29-9)

7. The one who worships the Lord as a duty or as offering or for liberation is of satwik nature (best devotee). (III-29-10)

8. True devotion is that when, just by hearing the glories of the Lord immanent in all the hearts, the mind streams forth unobstructed towards the Lord like the water of Ganga towards the ocean. (III-29-11 & 12)

9. The person who disregards Lord’s presence in all the beings and makes a show of worshipping Him through idols is actually insulting the Lord. (III-29-21)

10/11. A proud person who hates and treats other person as enemies and as different from God can never attain peace of mind. (III-29-23)

12. God is never pleased with a man who worships Him in images with elaborate rituals and offerings but disregards his own fellow beings. (III-29-25)

13. A person may, however, worship the lord in idols till such time as he comes to realize that the Lord resides in all the beings as also in his own heart. (III-29-26)

14. Realising the Lord as residing as the self of all being a person should serve them all with honor, love and gifts. Such service is considered as service to the Lord Himself. (III-29-27)

15. Superior are those who have mastered the scriptures with meaning. Still superior are those who perform their duties well. Superior to the latter are those who do not care for the fruits of their actions (duties). (III-29-32)

16. Superior most are those who have surrendered not only all the actions but of themselves too including their body and mind to the Lord. Such persons have equal vision and do not consider themselves as doers. (III-29-33)

17/18. One should salute all beings mentally knowing that the Lord Himself has entered into them all as the indwelling Spirit. (III-29-34)

19. A person will not like to leave the body given to him in hell even as he is so attached to it, being deluded by the Maya of the Lord. (III-30-5)

20. Being firmly attached to his body, family, son, house, wealth and relatives, a man considers himself very lucky. (III-30-6)

21. A man who nourishes his family only through unrighteous means is certain to be consigned to the worst hell full of utter darkness. (III-30-33)

22. I, the foetus in the womb, seek refuges at the feet of the Lord who assumes various divine incarnations on the earth for protecting the world. (III-31-12)

23. I, the foetus, though remaining covered by the forces of destiny inside the womb, salute the Lord who, though being the pure indivisible consciousness resides in my distressed heart. (III-31-13)

24/25. I, the foetus, salute that Supreme Being of Infinite Power and wisdom, whose body is not made of the five elements and whose consciousness is invulnerable to the attraction of the bewitching worldly objects. (III-31-14)

26. It is Maya – the delusive power of God which has brought me to this state of bondage (as foetus) and effaced the memory of my true divine nature. It is Lord’s Great alone which can now redeem me. (III-31-15)

27. I (the foetus) am now lying helplessly in the cavity of a mother’s body covered with foul smelling fluids. O’ Lord when shall the day of release come to me? (III-31-17)

28. O’ Lord In thy infinite mercy you have bestowed on me in my tenth month an awareness of my situation. In return what can I offer you except my salutations? (III-31-18)

29. O’ Lord though I (the foetus) am miserable inside the womb, I do not want to come out into this world of misery. For when I come out I shall entangled in the inexorable maya. (III-31-20)

30. O’ Lord Let me redeem myself by praying to you while in the womb. You are my friend. Grant me that by virtue of my worshipping you, I shall not have any more births. (III-31-21)

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