The Bhagwatam Diary 2004

  • By Sri Aurobindo


1/2. By treading the path in pursuit of the pleasures of stomach and sex, the soul is paving the way for a repetition of a life of darkness in future too. (III-31-32)

3. Nothing is capable of binding one with so much delusion as association with persons of opposite sex and persons engrossed in sexual pursuits. (III-31-35)

4. Those who want to go to the higher rungs of spiritual practice and reach the ultimate goal should never associate with members of opposite sex, as it will be the gateway to hell. (III-31-39)

5. The individual soul migrates from one sphere to another based on the past action and after taking one birth it again performs fresh action, the seed for future births. (III-31-43)

6. At the time of death there is no need to panic or become helpless. Understand the real and wholly the divine as also immortal nature of the soul and remain detached. (III-31-47)

7. With an intellect backed by the choice less and perfect perception developed through dispassion and constant practice, live a life free from attachment to the body. This is the way for success. (III-31-48)

8/9. When once a person develops a deep devotion to the God as residing in all the being, a spirit of renunciation is generated and he can get God-realization. (III-32-23)

10. When once a man is able to develop a choiceless perception and looks at every thing good and bad equally, abandoning all likes and dislikes, he reaches the highest state of the Atman (Self). (III-32-24 & 25)

11. The highest spiritual teachings should not be imparted to the persons who are wicked, haughty, hypocrites, engaged deeply in worldly concerns, lacking in devotion or given to persecution of devotees. (III-32-39 & 40)

12. In the case of bad persons, learning, austerity, wealth, health, youth etc. give rise to an over-bearing pride so that they are unable to see the excellence of really great people. (IV-3-17)

13. Any mutual salutations, greetings and prostrations made among wise men are all meant for the supreme Lord residing in the hearts of beings and not for the body conscious man. (IV-3-22)

14. Never bear any ill will towards those who have offended you. Whoever causes distress to others will have to automatically reap the fruit of his act subsequently. (IV-8-17)

15/16. Salutations to the Supreme Being who has entered into me and awakened my slumbering speech by His grace. It is the Lord who also bestows the dynamic power to my dormant limbs, senses and vital force. (IV-9-6)

17. Lord, surely their intelligence has been distorted, who seek from you the fulfillment of their low sensuous desires of a perishable body while you are capable of giving them liberation. (IV-9-9)

18. O’ Lord! How infinitely sweeter is the bliss attained in the contemplation and service of thee, far greater than even in the highest Samadhi state of absorption in the Pure Consciousness or in the Heavenly realms! (IV-9-10)

19. O’ Lord, grant me the association and company of thy pure devotees who are steeped in boundless devotion. This alone will enable me to overcome all my sufferings and cross the ocean of Sansara (phenomenal world). (IV-9-11)
20. Lord, those who seek the company of your ardent devotees will come to lose their body consciousness and will forget all their attachment to son, wife / husband, friends, home and wealth. (IV-9-12)

21. Lord, thou art the eternal, free, pure and wakeful spirit. Thou standest as the eternal and indivisible witness – Consciousness illuminating the individual consciousness of all beings. (IV-9-15)

22/23. Lord, I take refuge in thee, the Infinite, unchanging Supreme Being, the source of all. In thee are all the contradictory and conflicting forces such as the creative and destructive ones, which co-exist shedding their oppositions. (IV-9-16)

24. As the Lord is the Self of all beings, He is pleased with those devotees who are forbearing, compassionate, impartial and friendly towards all. (IV-11-13)

25. When the Lord is pleased with a devotee, the later is released from the clutches of the Primordial nature (Prakriti) and attains the infinite bliss of the supreme state of Brahman. (IV-11-14)

26. By operating on His power of Time, the Lord becomes an agent (doer) and yet not an agent. He becomes a destroyer, yet not a destroyer. Lord’s ways are mysterious and beyond comprehension of a common man. (IV-11-18)

27. Time makes no distinction between friend and foe and approaches all alike in the form of death. All living beings are perforce helplessly drawn towards death. (IV-11-20)

28. The Lord subjects (in the form of Time) all beings to growth and decay while He Himself remains unaffected and immutable. (IV-11-21)

29/30. The Lord alone creates the world, sustains it and destroys it yet He is not affected by these activities (in the form of reaction) as He is bereft of an I-sense (ego). (IV-11-25)

31. The supreme Lord is both death and immortality. Take refuge in Him with all your mind. He controls all the gods and deities like cows led by the nose-string. (IV-11-27)

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