Foreign funds to NGOs- Why better scrutiny is needed FCRA Report 2008-09

Note the % increase for  expenditure heads 1, 6 and 7 is very high.

Why did Indian NGO’s receive Rs  837 crs (U.S. Rs 376 crs, Germany Rs 101 crs) for maintenance of priests is  difficult to fathom? Ditto for education of priests/preachers! This might hold  good if India were exporting priests to the West.

So also Rs 57 crs was received  towards theatre/films. It would be interesting to know nature of films  produced!

Further, the U.S./UK/Germany  remitted Rs 101 crs towards publication and distribution of religious  literature and Rs 186 crs for religious functions. For what type of literature  and functions is important to know?

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