Life story of Veer Savarkar

The Menace of Christians  

S issued a statement asking his admirers not to celebrate his 71st birthday. Around the same time Dr Mookherjee, who was then agitating for the integration of J and K into India was arrested on 11/5/1953 as he entered Jammu without the permission of the J and K govt. He subsequently died in the prison of Sheikh Abdullah, the then PM of J and K.S was very sad on the Dr’s death. Nehru refused to have an inquiry into the causes that led to the death of Dr Mookherjee. It is ironical that Nehru had to arrest the Sheikh on 9/8/1953, whom he had been supporting for years.

On another occasion he said that his generation had brought the science of bombs to India. He exhorted the younger generation to bring the science of the Atom bomb to India. America, Russia and England had it, why not India.

During a visit to Pune on 11/12/1953 he made an important speech titled “Change of religion leads to change of nationality”. He said that he had been warning the Sindhis on the perils of the separation of Sindh from Bombay State but today these Sindhis had to wander around as refugees. But they were mad after Hindu Muslim unity, a mirage. The Brits were driven out but another enemy in the form of Missionaries were making deep inroads. The Nagas of Assam deserted Nehru’s meeting when he objected to their demand for an independent state. Because they showed their claws to Nehru he said that he would not allow foreign missionaries to convert. Who has succeeded, the answer is well known? Proselytization paved the way for national disintegration and disloyalty. Have you wondered why the Hindus have never taken to armed resistance for a separate state? See all the armed struggles be it in J and K, NorthEast are all by Muslim, Christian organization who are generously supported by foreign money. He urged all Hindus to fight the menace of Missionaries.

His views on the Missionaries and their work was supported by the findings of the Niyogi Commission in Madhya Pradesh. Nehru – Gandhi – Congress were blind to the evils of conversion. Aga Khan boasts in his memoirs “As I look back there is one memory, which gives me utmost satisfaction. I was personally responsible for the conversion to Islam of some 30,000 to 40,000 caste Hindus, many of them of upper and professional classes”.

Can you think of any self-respecting country in the world that tolerates such behavior?

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