Life story of Veer Savarkar

Memorial to Martyrs  

In July 1951 the restrictions on S were removed. Now S devoted some months to collect funds for the erection of a memorial to the Indian revolutionaries. The Congressmen whose sacrifice appeared pale in comparison hated S because he wanted them to fight like heroes and loved Gandhi because he made them feel like heroes. In the elections of 1952 the Mahasabha was routed, as were many other parties like that of Dr Ambedkar. One of the failings of S was his inability to convert the Sabha into all India organization.

At this point Master Tara Singh declared that he would agree to the decision that S gave on the Hindu Sikh problem. Sikhs had faith in S but not in Nehru who had opposed the division of Palestine but had agreed to India’s division.

At the instance of S a Committee was set up to hold a three day celebration at Pune from 10/5 to 12/5, 1952 to pay homage to all martyrs, heroes in the revolutionary movement from 1857 to 1947. Thousands paid homage; a pillar was raised on the same day in their honor. S urged the youth to join the armed forces, asked the govt to introduce compulsory military education in schools and colleges and meet defence needs. He said that the talk of world peace without military preparations was pompous, Nehru did not hear!

On 26/7/1952 Dr S P Mookerjee, who was president of the newly formed Jan Sangh, sought S’s blessings for the Jan Sangh. On 30/11/1952, S began delivering a series of lectures of the glorious chapters of Hindu history. Changragupta, Pushya Mitra (routed the Greeks), Vikramaditya, Yashodharman (annihilated the Shakas). He ended by saying “The victory of good over evil does not come if the good is not backed by force. Without Sudarshan Chakra the Ashok Chakra will not succeed”. He delivered a series of lectures, speeches to collect money for the Memorial.

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