Kandhamal- Challenging A.P. Shah's ex-parte verdict

  • By Prasanna Parida
  • September 2010

Illegal Conversions
After the Second World War, Western-based  Christian evangelists developed a world conversion agenda, as an organised  political response to Communism. India has long been a target.

A well circulated document entitled, AD  2000 plan for Orissa, by Reverend Pariccha, caused consternation  amongst Oriyas. The document gave a detailed breakdown of  Orissa’s villages, districts, towns, cities,  police stations, including a list of village police stations with Christian  officers, in order to “identity the least evangelized areas.” The AD  2000 Plan for Orissa openly states it’s “purpose is to survey and  research to find out the exact population of the Unreached People groups - to  make available all statistics from all possible sources that are required for  strategic planning to reach the unreached.”s

Its goals are listed  as:
  - That Orissa may be won  for Christ.
  - To reach every major  people group
  - To reach every village  and plant churches.
  - To send missionaries to  every unreached Pin Code area.

The comprehensive and strategic methodologies  revealed are an assault on the very cultural fabric and identity of Orissa. The  stated goals say, “Orissa’s non-Christians are in darkness and that their  religion, culture and tradition are of little or no value and need to be  replaced.” Christians have not come to add to the native spirituality of  Orissa, but to replace it; they are engaged in aggressive hostility.

As far back as 1955, the Centrally-appointed  Christian Missionary Activities Enquiry Committee of Nagpur, Madhya Pradesh,  headed by Justice M.B. Niyogi, found that “As conversion muddles the convert’s  sense of unity and solidarity with his society, there is danger of his loyalty  to his country and State being undermined. A vile propaganda against the  religion of the majority community is being systematically and deliberately  carried on so as to create on apprehension of breach of public peace.” The  Niyogi Commission expressed serious concerns regarding the negative methods and  impact of missionaries in India and made several recommendations to curb their  activities.

In Kandhamal and elsewhere in Orissa,  missionaries are indulging in illegal conversions without fear of government  reprisals. In 1961, the total Kandha population in Kandhamal was 19028. In  2001, the Christian population was 117,954 – a six-fold increase! Though the  population has risen by over 98,000 persons, only two persons have  submitted declarations for conversion. This is surely the most eloquent  indicator of the illegal conversion industry in Kandhamal. 

The author is an Orissa tribal activist and secretary of the Kandhamal  Justice Forum
  Sourced from http://www.vijayvaani.com:80/FrmPublicDisplayArticle.aspx?id=1385

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