Muslims voted against Ayodhya Order, CAA, Ram Mandir and UCC-AKHAND HINDUSTAN

  • Muslims voted against the BJP in 2024 for 4 reasons. Know what they are. Plus why this dream of Akhand Hindustan?

Muslims made their vote count Hindus built a coalition with them read a headline of an article penned by a senior journalist. Another senior did a video with the title, Has the Muslim veto returned? Some are happy with this development whilst others express caution.


Whilst accepting there may be some merit in their writings, I have something different to say. Indian Muslims voted against the BJP for four key reasons.


1. Ayodhya Order

The British first and the Congress post independence allowed the system to let the Ayodhya matter languish in courts for decades. It is the BJP, under Modi2, who impressed upon the Supreme Court (SC) to close the case soon. Fortunately, Judges rose to the occasion and worked to a time bound hearing.


When the SC order went in favour of the Indics, one could sense dismay. Former Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal wrote, “The Ram Mandir issue was made into a prolonged test of political and social will by the Muslim leadership, with the Supreme Court judgment not accepted with grace.”


The Congress allowed the matter to linger on while NDA 3 got a decision from the SC. Sub-continent Muslims hate losing to Indics, be it in cricket or courts. Thus, Indo-Pak matches were a do or die for the Pakis. However, ever since Ganguly’s team defeated Pakistan in Pakistan in 2004, the equation has changed. Not to miss India’s economic growth has left Pakistan behind.   


Deep down may be a fear that Kashi and Mathura are next. All know the truth because every being has a conscious.


2. Introduction of CAA

All that the CAA did was to fast track citizenship for Indics who were persecuted in Muslim majority countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Bharat is the only home of Indics worldwide whilst Muslims have so many countries to migrate to. Note not a word has been said against such persecution although protests take place against deaths in Gaza. All through Pan-Islamism is alive today, just as it was in the 1920’s during the Khilafat Movment.  


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Perhaps, it was the first time that the Government of India had spoken up for Indics, indirectly acknowledging their persecution by Muslims.   


3. Construction of Ram Mandir

The SC order for construction of the Ram Mandir was passed in November 2019. None expected the Ram Mandir and changes in Ayodhya infrastructure to be done by January 2024.


Ayodhya roads on Pran Pratishtha day, 22/1/2024 

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For many the grand celebrations on 22/1/2024 could not be digested. It was a tacit way of saying Bharat is home to Indic Civilizations.


4. BJP manifesto included Uniform Civil Code

Notwithstanding the fact that UCC shall provide Muslim women with equal inheritance rights, do away with the custom of Nikah Halala (according to this Indian Express article, “Nikah halala is a law that requires a woman to marry and sleep (consummate marriage) with another man in order to return to her first husband)” and give different Muslim communities like Pasmandas, Ajlafs and Arzaals a seat on the table it is opposed. Read   FAQ Uniform Civil Code


It is human nature to resist change when that involves taking away special privileges. UCC would also, to an extent, place all Indians equally before law.


So what is the approach?

Kanwal Sibal also wrote, “The Muslim leadership has been content to play divisive politics in India in league with those political parties also averse to any form of Hindu consolidation. Its electoral strategy not to vote for the BJP as a Hindu party is itself communal in approach. If the BJP wins without the Muslim vote, as it has, the Muslims are bound to lose politically, as they have. They cannot then fall back on the constitution to compensate for the failings of their political strategy.”


Is there a larger game-plan?

Yes. Akhand Hindustan meaning a Muslim ruled Indian subcontinent. Hindustan means Urdu speaking areas of the Indian Subcontinent.


Maharshi Aurobindo wrote on November 28 1940, “The Mahomedans, they want to rule India.” 1 In 1941, Dr Ambedkar said about the same thing when referring to demands by votaries of Pakistan. 3 around Pg 192


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The plan is use demographics to first rule India. This could be through higher birth rate and illegal immigration from Bangladesh/Pakistan and Rohingyas. By not linking Aadhar/VoterLokSabha/Assembly and having one database of voters the Indian State is encouraging such moves.


Once Muslims are in substantial numbers in India a merger with Pakistan (2024 – app 24 crs) and Bangladesh (2022 – app 17 crs) may be seriously attempted using the most unexpected way. Till then resist Census and National Population Register. The law that allows Scheduled Tribes to avail of government benefits even after their conversion encourages conversions.


Do reflect on these earlier writings to understand the mind

In his presidential address at the 12th session of the Congress in 1896 R M Sayani said, “Before the advent of the British in India, the Muslims were the rulers of the country. The court language was their own. Every place of trust and responsibility, or carrying influence and high emoluments, was theirs by birth right.” 2 Pg. 295


Sri Aurobindo said in 1909, “Of one thing we may be certain, that Hindu-Mahomedan unity cannot be affected by political adjustments or Congress flatteries. It must be sought deeper down, in the heart and in the mind, for where the causes of disunion are; there the remedies must be sought.” 1


Dr Ambedkar wrote in 1941, “The Musssalman, remaining faithful to the religion, has not progressed, he has remained stationery in a world of swiftly moving modern forces.” 3 Pg. 230 While things have changed the pace of change could be faster. Read  Understanding the Muslim Mind through Dr Ambedkar


Economic reasons for Akhand Hindustan?

Pakistan is in dire economic straits. Even around 1930, its area generated less revenue and army salaries were paid from revenues generated in modern day India. See Table from Dr Ambedkar’s 1941 book.


Revenue Contribution to Exchequer – Pakistan area and Hindustan#



Rs crs

Rs crs


Pakistan Area




Punjab, N.W.F.P.























Bengal @







#3 Pg. 94 @ only ½ revenue shown based on population)

The main contribution came from Hindustan. However, the Pakistan provinces received a disproportionate share of expenditure.


India is like Kamadhenu-representing abundance and generosity for all-a constant giver, and Pakistan want to keep benefitting infinitely from her bounty!

There is more to India than the Taj – South. 

If you consider the size of the Indian and Pakistani economies today the above argument makes eminent sense. Brand India is used by Pakistani and Bangladeshis for their benefit for e.g. most so called Indian restaurants in London are run by Bangladeshis. We went to an Indian restaurant in Nice South France whose main theme was Indian food and Bollywood; it is run by a Pakistani who kept on saying Our India tell told him we are Indians and asked if he was a Pakistani.


Bangladesh want land mass of India for different reasons

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in his book Myth of Independence wrote, “It would be wrong to think that Kashmir is the only dispute that divides India and Pakistan. One at least is nearly as important as the Kashmir dispute, that of Assam and some districts of India adjacent to East Pakistan. To these, Pakistan has very good claims. East Pakistan must include Assam to be financially and economically strong”.” (Demographic invasion of India from the north-east by Brig Amrit Kapur)


Even a pro-India leader like Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who would go on to become the first Prime Minister of Bangladesh, wrote in his book, Eastern Pakistan: Its Population and Economics, “Because Eastern Pakistan must have sufficient land for its expansion and because Assam has abundant forests and mineral resources, coal, petroleum etc, Eastern Pakistan must include Assam to be financially and economically strong.” 4


Former Governor of Assam Lt Gen S K Sinha wrote to the President of India in his 1998 Report on Illegal Infiltration into Assam and said, “Mr. Abdul Momin, former Foreign Secretary and Bangladesh's first Ambassador to China wrote in 1991, "The runaway population growth in Bangladesh resulting in suffocating density of population in a territorially small country, presents a nightmarish picture. If we in Bangladesh ingratiate ourselves with the hill tribes within our borders, our bulging population might find a welcome in adjacent land inhabited by kindred peoples”. 4  


Bangladesh is a densely populated country. Leading intellectuals in Bangladesh have been making out a case for "lebensraum" (living space) for their country. Read  All you wanted to know about Bangladeshi infiltration into India


Challenges for Indian Muslims

Former foreign secretary Kanwal Sibal wrote in DailyO, “While the Hindu majority has been willing to shed the bitter load of history and move forward towards an inclusive future, the conservative Muslim leadership has resisted the change in thinking needed to become real partners in this national ethos and endeavour. Instead of becoming secular in its thinking for better integration, identity assertion with Arabised accoutrements has become more visible. The secular Indian constitution is no barrier to pan-Islamism, which is antithetical to Indian nationalism. The Muslims by virtue of their faith cannot delink themselves from Muslims worldwide.” Source


Please note that Muslims, due to the inherent nature of their religion, find it difficult to merge their identity in countries where they are not in a majority for e.g. Europe.


The Higher Judiciary must realize that in Akhand Hindustan colonial concepts in the Indian Constitution might cease to be relevant. 


If Bharat indeed becomes Muslim majority the world will be poorer and the subcontinent will be as peaceful as the Middle East.



1. India’s Rebirth.

2. History and Culture of Indian People Volume 10, published by the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

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4. Lt Gen S K Sinha 1998 Report on illegal migration into Assam.

Utmost care taken in sharing quotes. Errors if any are inadvertent and without malafide intent.

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