Madhani- Just a sample of 'terror' brewing in Kerala

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In the aftermath of  terrorist Abdul Nazar Madhani’s wife Sufiya’s arrest by the Kerala police, both  the Congress and Communist parties enacted a brazen drama blaming each other  publicly for the growth of terror in Kerala. But people have not forgotten the  ‘voluntary service’ rendered by parties to Madhani, his family and party. Shall  we have a glimpse of that ‘service’ to terror?

Secular politicians as Madhani’s servants
Abdul Nazar Madhani  was under incarceration under charges of conspiracy and involvement in the 1998  Coimbatore blasts case between 1998 and 2007. On June 2, 2005, Kerala Chief  Minister Oommen Chandy met Madhani’s wife and father at their residence and  assured steps for the immediate release of Madhani on ‘humanitarian’ grounds.

On March 14, 2006,  the Kerala Assembly comprising Congress, Communist and Muslim parties  unanimously passed a shocking and unprecedented resolution seeking release of  Madhani on humanitarian grounds. Kerala politicians thus earned the ‘honor’ of  shaming the nation. 

Later, Kerala Chief  Minister Achutanandan sent his ministers to Coimbatore prison to meet Madhani  to extend moral support and assure steps being taken for his release. On June  10, 2006, Achutanandan himself came and met his Tamil Nadu counterpart Karunanidhi  to secure the release of Abdul Nazar Madhani. Though Karunanidhi refused to  release Madhani, he arranged for an ‘Ayurvedic Spa’ and preferential  treatment in the name of healthcare, exclusively for Madhani inside the prison.

On August 1, 2007,  after a laborious trial in a special court, Justice Uthirapathi acquitted  Madhani for want of damning evidence. Madhani was given a hero’s welcome in  Thiruvananthapuram. Both the UDF and LDF vied for credit for his acquittal.  While Communists as the ruling dispensation could join the festivities at the  felicitation function, Congressmen could not join as they were the opposition.  Madhani assured his support to the LDF government. As Kerala politicians  shamelessly painted him as a Good Samaritan, Madhani tried to project a new  moderate image. He claimed he had never been a terrorist (!) and his future  plan was to work for the welfare of Dalits & Muslims. He clarified he would  not sue the TN government for detaining him in prison for nine long years, but  warned that he would take up the case again if Tamil Nadu went for an appeal.

Terror woman Sufiya
In September 2005,  Madhani’s party men burnt a Tamil Nadu State Corporation bus at Kalamassery  near Cochin. A terrorist named Nazeer, who was involved in many terror attacks  including the said incident, was caught in Bangladesh and deported to India. He  was also wanted in connection with the 2008 Bengaluru blasts, and now it has  been revealed that he is the South India Commander of the Pak-based LeT. When  Kerala police questioned him, they discovered he had been given refuge in  Madhani’s house and that he and Madhani’s wife were involved in many terror  attacks such as Bengaluru blasts, Coimbatore Press Club attack, attack on IISc,  Bengaluru, apart from the bus burning incident in Kalamassery.
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So Kerala police  included her in the charge sheet on December 12 and her anticipatory bail  application was rejected by the Kerala High Court, after which she was arrested  on December 17. Police teams from neighboring Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are also  questioning her.
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But Madhani termed  the police action against his wife as a ‘conspiracy’ against him and his family  and alleged that certain top police officials were behind it.
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Sufiya on her part  said the Kerala authorities are spreading canards about her for being a devout  Muslim woman.  (click here)

Anti-terror drama by Congressmen and  Communists
The moment Sufiya  was arrested; both Congress and Communist parties vied with each other to  distance themselves from Madhani. Till recently both parties had been singing  paeans on Madhani, calling him secularist and Mahatma, and now they have  started enacting a brazen drama as if they don’t have any connections with  Madhani, his family and party. Their fight to disown him seems worse than their  fight to have an electoral alliance with him!
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Kerala Home  Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, who doesn’t hesitate to flaunt his love for  terrorists, had said, “The police action enhanced the image of our LDF  Government with respect to its ‘relentless’ attitude towards extremism. The  former UDF Government had slept over several evidences against Sufiya for eight  months without taking any action.” 

This led Opposition  leader Oommen Chandy to retort: “Why the LDF Government’s police had taken more  than 42 months to move against Sufiya Madhani. Kodiyeri is speaking about my  lapses in arresting Sufiya in those eight months. I am asking him for the  reason of his lapses in the same matter for 42 months.” He added that the UDF,  while going out of power, had handed over all evidences the Home Department had  gathered in the case to the new LDF regime. “Why the delay in arresting Sufiya when  he was in possession of the same evidences that he was now speaking of” asked  Chandy. He claimed the UDF had never tried to mix law and order issues with  politics.

But Kerala had seen  enough of both fronts seeking the electoral support of Abdul Nasser Madhani’s  party.
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Chennai High Court’s verdict on Coimbatore  blast victims’ Appeal Petitions
When Kerala  politicians were fighting each other on Madhani, the Chennai HC delivered its  verdict on the appeal petitions filed by some Coimbatore blast victims. Justice  Praba Sridevan and Justice Sathyanarayanan not only upheld the acquittal of  Madhani, but ordered the release of 22 more terrorists! This verdict of the High  Court was a heavy blow to the victims, adding insult to their injury. 

The High Court also  made some scathing observations against the state government. The bench  condemned the release of 9 terrorists on former CM Annadurai’s birth  anniversary: “The power of executive is subject to the rule of law and it  cannot be exercised on the ground of political expediency. It cannot be granted  merely as a grand gesture. It is not for the benefit of the convicts alone. The  executive should equally bear in mind the society and the message it means to  the community.” The bench observed that a systematic and methodological  investigation was absent and that the prosecution should have slapped charges  under stronger laws.

Observing that  there was enough material to indicate a conspiracy and a cohesive plan, the  bench said, “What did the plotters achieve by the deaths of innocent persons?  Was there any triumph in the senseless killing of youth? It could not have  given anyone any cause to cheer. We do not think even the plotters would have  felt happy after the event” (19 Dec. 2009)

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