Madhani- Just a sample of 'terror' brewing in Kerala

Kerala – A ground breeding terror
Indians must give  serious thought to the Chennai High Court observation on Jihad and Crusade.  India is the only country which has borne the brunt of both to the maximum.  While ‘Jihad’ is continuing unabated, ‘Crusade’ has taken the form of  evangelization and conversion is another form of terrorism.

An important aspect  regarding jihad and conversion is that most perpetrators originate from Kerala.  A terrorist in Kashmir hails from Kerala; a terrorist involved in Coimbatore  blast is from Kerala; those who operate sleeper cells from Kashmir and  Kanyakumari are either from Kerala or trained in Kerala; similarly the nun who  enacted the rape drama in Orissa is from Kerala; and the padre who played a supportive  role in that drama is also from Kerala! Most of padris and nuns who indulge in  conversion activities in Karnataka are from Kerala. The alternative rules of  Congress and Communist parties have only helped the growth of terrorists,  evangelists, terrorism and conversion.

Professor of  Criminal Psychology, Dr. Babu Suseelan says, “Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are the  ideological, financial and training center of the global Islamic terrorism. Now  Dubai has joined the terrorists club. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Al-Qaeda, and  Laskhar-e-Toiba use Dubai for financing, recruiting and deploying Jihadi  terrorists against India. The Saudi Religious Affairs Ministry finances  thousands of mosques in Kerala and different parts of India. The Islamic goal  is to abolish Indian Hindu culture and secular ethos and replace it with  Islamo- fascism.”

Dr. Suseelan adds,  “Pakistan Jihadi recruiting agents and ISI target Muslims from Kerala with  financial largesse. Recruited Muslims are sent to Pakistan for further  indoctrination, and Jihad terrorism training. Pakistan trained Jihadis have  penetrated every state in India. They have established a vast network of  Jihadis and additional training centers in different parts of India.”

He says, “Dubai  based Muslim businessmen use a complex financial money laundering web to  provide infrastructure and financial support for Islamic terror groups in  Kerala. Muslims in Kerala receive financial largesse from Saudi Arabia,  Pakistan and from Kerala Muslims settled in Dubai. They have established vast  and complex financial, religious, media, and educational networks in Kerala to  propagate Islamic extremism and Jihadist interests. Through numerous charitable  organizations, business houses, newspapers and television, Jihadis have  successfully recruited thousands of terrorists for the Islamic Jihad against  India”. 

For example, the  ‘Thejas’ media (newspaper and magazine) acts as an official voice of terror  outfits such as SIMI, NDF, PFI and PDP and this media house allegedly gets  funds from Dubai, Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries. Both organs support  Jihad and their impact in the intellectual field is telling. Phony human rights  activists, pseudo-secularists and leftists are allegedly paid by this media  house to write ‘Op-Ed’ columns in other newspapers and magazines and  participate in debates in 24x7 news channels. 
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Meanwhile, the  Union Government has accepted the fact that organizations like NDF indulge in  terrorist activities and that they mislead, recruit and train Muslim youth to  become extremists. The Union Home Department has instructed the Kerala  Government to monitor the activities of Thejas newspaper and fortnightly run by  the Islamist organization, NDF (presently, Popular Front of India) and take  appropriate action on the ground that the two publications are airing communal  and extremist views. The main complaint of the Home Department against the  publications is that they depict actions taken by the police and security  forces as ‘State terrorism’. The publications take a position that justifies  the stand of the terrorists.

The letter, written  by the Union Home Department on Nov. 18, reached the Kerala government in the  first week of December and reportedly gives details about the sources of funds  for Thejas media. It says that funds for the publications were coming from  several rich industrialists within the country and abroad. The letter is  reported to have specifically named a travel agency in Kozhikode in this  regard. It points out that the newspaper has been receiving publishing Kerala  Government advertisements. The paper and the magazine are run by Thejas  Publishing Charitable Trust.
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Counterfeit Indian  currency, printed in Pakistan, is being spread throughout the country through  sleeper cells and business houses which support terror clandestinely, as  evidenced by the fact that almost all those arrested in counterfeit currency  racket from Kashmir to Kanyakumari are Muslims and most hail from Kerala and  West Bengal.

The latest concept  of “Love Jihad” brings a new dimension to Islamic terrorism; the Kerala  government started taking action only after Christian organizations complained.  It was turning a blind eye as long as Hindu girls were victimized by  Love-Jihadis. Muslim youths belonging to various Islamic fundamentalist  organizations have been luring Hindu girls (college students, young working  women) in the guise of romance and pressurising them to convert to Islam after  forcing them to marry them. 

It has been widely  reported that thousands of Hindu girls have been converted in this fashion.  When a case involving two girls from Pattanamthittaa reached Kerala High Court,  it ordered the DGP to probe the matter and file a report. Based on the High  Court’s order, the Kerala police conducted investigations and the DGP filed a  report categorically confirming concerted attempts by Muslim youths to persuade  Hindu girls to change their religion after making them fall for them in the  guise of love. 

One of the 18  reports submitted by the DGP said that outfits such as the National Democratic  Front, the Popular Front of India and the Campus Front had roots in college  campuses. The report also mentions the Muslim Youth Forum and the Shaheen  Force. A Special Branch report said the organizations trap brilliant upper  caste Hindu girls from well-to-do families, especially those in professional  courses. There were over 100 cases in Thiruvananthapuram district alone.

The High Court  observed, “As per the statistics available around 3000-4000 such incidents took  place during the last four years. The report says that Love Jehad organisations  operate all over the country and are believed to have started their activities  with the blessings of Muslim organisations.” The Kerala High Court finally  directed the state government to consider whether a law should be enacted to  prohibit such conversions.

Many organizations  from Islamic foreign countries are reportedly funding this Love-Jihad.
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The recent arrest  of Sufiya Madhani, T Nassir, Umar Farooqi, Halim, Majeed Parambil, Tajudeen,  Sabeer and Shuhoe and several other Jihadis and the details given by them  during interrogation confirmed the dangerous truth that Kerala is a breeding  ground of terrorism and that the whole country is under imminent threat because  of Kerala. 

C.I. Issac,  Professor of History from Trivandrum says, “The question of Islamic terrorism  was widely discussed since the 1980s, but the decision-makers did not take the  progressively burgeoning menace of terrorism in Kerala in its true perspective.  The result was that the terrorist outfits of Kerala acquired an international  character by establishing relations with Mumbai terror suspect David Coleman  Headley, since then in the custody of the FBI in Chicago.”

Citing two reasons  for the growth of terror in Kerala, Prof. Issac says, ‘There are various reasons  behind the laxity of political coalitions of Kerala towards terrorists. The  first is the petro-money from Arab courtiers reaching Islamic terrorist groups  through legitimate and hawala channels. With this money terrorists are able to  effectively silence the corrupt and greedy political leaderships of both  coalitions of the State. The second reason is the minority vote banks. The  third is the absence of Hindutva-consciousness amongst the Hindus, which  complements the birth of minority vote banks.”

Observing the  activities of politicians like Pinarayi Vijayan and Kerala Home Minister  Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, Prof. Issac exposes the CPIM-Jihadi links: “To the  Kerala CPM, jihadi activities are ‘milch cows’. Several CPM leaders are  billionaires through ‘milking’ this cow. Some decades ago they were penurious  and ideological Marxists. Now everything has changed and they are leading a  palatial life. What is the source of their accumulated wealth / income? Is  there any competent authority in India which can unearth the source of income  of these Marxist-Capitalists? How truly can Kerala bear the epithet “God’s Own  Country?”
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Over the years, we  are able to clearly see how the ideologies of Communism and Nehruvian  Secularism have spoilt Kerala and made the state a permanent terror menace. The  people of Kerala cannot afford to tolerate and keep quiet any more. The terror  supported by alien forces and Kerala politicians have made the entire nation  vulnerable and it is high time the people look for an alternative to the  Congress-led UDF and CPM-led LDF. “God’s Own Country” has become “Terrorists’  Own Country.” Only the people of Kerala can change this state of affairs and  bring back the lost glory.

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