Madhani- Just a sample of 'terror' brewing in Kerala

The so-called Secularism and Human Rights

Showcasing its  secular mindset, the High Court said, “A great deal more can be achieved if the  Yuddha, the Jihad, the Crusade is launched against injustice and evils like  poverty and illiteracy”.

‘Holy War’ (Jihad,  Crusade) has been the practice of Abrahamic religions and there is plentiful  evidence in history. Hindus have neither waged holy war nor invaded another  nation; so one can only wonder at the usage of ‘Yuddha’ by the Court along with  ‘Jihad’ and ‘Crusade’.

Normally such phony  ‘secularism’ comes out along with fake ‘human rights’ causes. Both are  interrelated and are always used against Hindus and Hindu causes. When Madhani  was incarcerated in Coimbatore prison, the ‘human rights’ champions staged a  few dramas that he was being tortured inside prison, and must be released on  humanitarian grounds. A consistent campaign was launched and former judge of  the Supreme Court, Justice Krishna Iyer, also took part in the campaign.

Now, after his  wife’s arrest, Madhani has utilized Krishna Iyer’s certificate and claims he  and his wife are innocent. Shocked at Madhani’s propaganda, Justice Krishna  Iyer tried to clarify, “I don’t have any kind of relation with Madhani or his  party. If at all my name was used, it was without my prior knowledge or  consultation.” He said he had never met Sufiya Madhani, but had taken up the  Madhani issue as he was reportedly being tortured in the jail.

He said, “While he  was detained in the Coimbatore jail, his wife had sent me a letter alleging  that he was being tortured and seeking my intervention. I had then written to  Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, urging him to give humanitarian consideration  to his case, for fearing of violation of human rights. I don’t know whether  Madhani had any terrorist links or not. After he was released from the jail, I  was invited to a function by him, which I attended. He told me his party was a  secular one. I do not have anything more to say about him.”
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When the whole  country is aware that Madhani has been an extremist right from the day he  started the Islamic Seva Sangh (ISS) and that his party PDP has been known for  violence and terrorism, it is surprising that a Supreme Court Judge should  feign ignorance about Madhani’s terror links! How could an experienced and  eminent judge support a terrorist who was involved in the brutal killing of 60  innocent persons and maiming around 200?

Claiming ignorance  about a terrorist after extending support to him is not acceptable. Are ‘human  rights’ only for Madhanis, Afzals and Kasabs? What about the terror victims and  their families; the injured and maimed for life? Have persons like Krishna Iyer  ever written a letter to Karunanidhi asking for decent compensation for blast  victims? Justice Krishna Iyer’s dilemma is a classic example of what can happen  to judges who dabble in politics.

Coming back to the  Coimbatore blasts case, the victims are really saddened at the High Court’s  verdict which upheld Madhani’s acquittal and ordered the release of 22 more  terrorists. They are likely to approach the Supreme Court for justice.

The observations  made in the Chennai High Court’s verdict seem to be mere eyewash. If it is  convinced of a conspiracy and a cohesive plan, how and why did it uphold  Madhani’s acquittal and order release of 22 convicts? Similarly, having  observed that a focused, systematic and methodological investigation was absent  and that the prosecution had not charged the accused under appropriate sections  of the law, why did the HC refrain from asking an explanation from the  government? Why didn’t it direct the government to compensate the victims  justly? Just because the victims are Hindus, does it mean they don’t have human  rights?

A clear observation  of what is happening in Gujarat and Orissa would throw light on how human right  champions, secular sevaks and minority rights mahatmas coordinate with one  another, raise funds, concoct stories, set up witnesses, frame charges, drive  and threaten governments, and achieve their agendas. The ‘secular’ media joins  them and they function as a cohesive team!

What happened to  Sadhvi Pragya?  The SIT, which was  investigating the Malegaon blasts, arrested her on foisted charges, slapped  POTA, tortured her for one year, and relieved her of POTA charges after the  general elections. She remains in prison without further enquiry and without  bail! Recall how berserk the mainstream media (both print and electronic) went  in maligning the Sadhvi and creating a non-existent Hindu Terror!

The same media is  now maintaining deafening silence on Sufiya Madhani, who was arrested on terror  charges with proper evidences! No 24x7 news channel reported her story, why?  Sufiya was only questioned and was treated like a guest, unlike the poor Sadhvi  who was treated like a terrorist. Sufiya was escorted to hospital by a top  police official, why, how and what for?
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Why did the  prosecution facilitate her bail process by not taking the case with the  seriousness it deserved? When the Kerala police had evidence and when Karnataka  and Tamil Nadu police were questioning her for other offences committed by her  in their states, why did the prosecution fail to retain her in custody? Was it  because she happens to be a Muslim?
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An innocent Hindu  Sadhvi has suffered media slander, POTA charges, torture in police custody, and  no medical treatment, and is in prison even after withdrawal of POTA charges. A  Muslim terror-woman, despite evidences against her, has not undergone any media  slander and was treated like a guest. She was not subjected to any torture and  was treated in a high class hospital and her bail facilitated within ten days!  This is a classic example of “secularism” and “human rights” as practiced in  India!   

DMK government winning appreciations from  terrorists
If Tamils had done  just 10% of what happened in Orissa and Gujarat, the Coimbatore blast victims  would have got justice. Those who have keenly watched the proceedings of the  Coimbatore case would know that the Tamil Nadu government and prosecution did  not handle the case efficiently. Even the High Court observed as much. The  moment the DMK government refused to appeal against the release of Madhani by  the special court, the BJP and other organizations should have organized  protests and demonstrations and forced the government to appeal in the High  Court. The BJP failed miserably in this regard.

The bomb blasts  happened when DMK was in power; Madhani was given the facility of an Ayurvedic  Spa in prison by the DMK; the DMK government slapped ordinary IPC sections on  accused terrorists and prepared a weak chargesheet; the DMK (and AIADMK too)  placed weak and useless arguments during the hearings. During the DMK regime  fundamentalist parties like TMMK and violent parties like VCK conducted protest  demonstrations and campaigns for the immediate release of the terrorists in the  name of human rights; Madhani was acquitted during the DMK regime and DMK took  the decision of not going for appeal against his release; DMK released ten life  convicts involved in the Coimbatore blasts on Annadurai’s birth anniversary and  now 22 more terrorists are acquitted when DMK is ruling.

Prime accused  Basha’s son Siddhiq Ali, one of the released, appreciated this, “DMK government  is a model for ‘secular’ administration. When justice is being denied for  minorities in other states in the country, Tamil Nadu is now in the forefront  of practicing secularism. The police are no more resorting to one-sided action.  So we are hopeful the DMK government will release the 18 convicts who still  remain in Jail”. He added, “It was a big surprise. I never expected to get  justice. There is no need for our organizations like Al Umma any more, as the  DMK government is secular. What happened (in 1998) were only retaliation and  not an act of terrorism”.

After waging a  jihad against this nation, killing 60 innocent Hindus and maiming 200 others,  terming it an act of retaliation and appreciating the state government shows  the cushy life the terrorists enjoyed in the prison! Will anyone who had  undergone rigorous imprisonment talk like this? Siddhiq Ali went further and  appealed to the government for funds for rehabilitation and hoped the  benevolent Chief Minister would order release of the remaining culprits before  the “International Classic Tamil Conference” to be held in June. (“The New  Indian Express” 22 Dec. and “The Times of India” 23 Dec. 2009)
It would be no  surprise if the DMK government, which has the dubious distinction of getting  appreciation from terrorists, releases the remaining prisoners and ‘helps’ them  with funds for rehabilitation. The Classic Tamil Conference would be a guise  like Annadurai’s birth anniversary! Is it clear now why prime accused Basha  didn’t file an appeal? Unfortunately, Tamil Hindus have not realized their  strength and united to question the government’s anti-Hindu postures. Tamils  have become a dhimmi lot.

Coimbatore blast  victims have been waging a lonely battle without support or strength. Despite  the lower court’s verdict, now the High Court has also set free 22 more  extremists. It is high time the victims are strengthened and supported. Even  now it is not late; in fact it is better late than never for BJP and other  organizations to pull up their socks and get into the legal battle. At a time  when the victims are planning an appeal in the Supreme Court, the expose of  Madhani’s LeT links must be utilized to the hilt and a legally tight petition  filed with the appeal, so that Madhani is brought back into the ambit of legal  scrutiny and punished duly for his involvement in the Coimbatore blasts. Only  then the departed innocent souls would rest in peace and the victims’ families  would receive justice.

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