Marble Moortis Jaipur

By Shiva Sharma | 2015

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One day reached a mail from Shiva Sharma Jaipur. He said make marbles moortis, can you share with esamskriti viewers.

No one had reached out to me like this before so said yes but did not do anything.

Shiva sent me some lovely pictures of his work and kept on reminding me about promise to share.

I deliberately made it difficult to test his patience and perseverance.

Friends if you like his work do email him at or call 91 9636404861.

His shop is in Jaipur, I think M I road. To see pics of Jaipur city Click here

My best wishes with Shiva Sharma and thousands like him who keep our tradition alive. To see pics of Amber and Jaigarh Forts near Jaipur Click here

To see pics of Sanganer near Jaipur where block-printing bed sheets are made Click here

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