Vaya Rahasya- the Secret of Vayu

Control of Vayu
Even our modern technology rests upon certain outer powers of Vayu like electricity, combustion engines and jet propulsion. This power over Vayu allows us to run various equipment and to accomplish actions with speed, power and efficiency. The mass media itself is another power of Vayu with its currents of communication through the atmosphere driven by radio waves. Yet though modern man has more control over the outer Vayu through technology, he has even less control over his inner Vayu or mind and prana. This is because he is disturbed by the outer Vayu, which is often connected to inorganic energies that can derange or short circuit the human nervous system. The modern person through computers and the media is addicted to an outer form of Vayu that distracts us from connecting to the higher Vayu within.

Controlling Vayu is one of the most difficult of all things but it is the basis of Yoga Sadhana. It proceeds through purifying and calming body, speech, senses mind and prana. However there is a trick. Only Vayu can control Vayu. The human ego cannot control Vayu but in fact is under the rule of many different forms of Vayu. Only the cosmic Vayu can control our individual Vayu and the prana and mind that are ruled by it. This cosmic Vayu is rooted in the Atman, the inner Self. By rooting our awareness in the Atman we connect to the cosmic Vayu and have the power to master all things.

The Atman stands at the center of all the currents and forces of Vayu, which are but its outer expressions. If we hold to that center than all the powers of the universe must revolve around us. Nothing in the world will be able to disturb us, just as the axis of a wheel cannot be disturbed by the movement of its periphery. The Self is the Vayu behind Vayu, the source of all energy, power and prana, hidden in the cavern of the heart. From the Self in heart radiate all energies and powers. The Self is the link between all beings and all worlds. Resting in our own being we can hold all power without trying to do anything at all. These are but a few secrets of Vayu Rahasya, the Secret of Vayu.

The author Dr David Frawley is an accomplished and highly respected scholar on Indic studies. He is the founder of The American Institute of Vedic Studies. To know more about his work visit or click here to read.

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