Enlightenment or God Vision

"I am the youngest son of Late Shri.P.S.Sankara Pillai and Smt.Kunjammal Amma and born at Pulimootil house in Eraviperoor Village, Pathanamthitta Dist.Kerala State, India. My Father was a Teacher and a Scholar in Sanskrit and Malayalam and an ardent devotee of Lord Siva. In my childhood my Father used to narrate many stories from the Mahabharata and Vedas which inspires devotion.

After my education, I went to Mumbai where I worked for ten years. I returned from Mumbai and established an Allopathic retail outlet which is now running for the last forty years. During this period I read the Vedas, Upanishads and other stories. As a result I wished to know more about me. I met a GURU (Spiritual Teacher) and with his admirable advice, I began to worship Lord Siva. I used to be in Meditation (Dhyana) in the morning and evening. I chanted "OM NAMASIVAYA" uninterrupted for about twelve years and did my Karmic duties at the same time. During this period I was leading a simple and controlled life with austerity in all my activities.

After twelve years of my chanting "OM NAMASIVAYA" Mantra with devotion and conviction, I understood clearly that I am not a merely human being, but an undying unending Atma (Spirit). At about mid night one day I saw an image of the idol which I worship. It was in a short round form of Chandra Deva (Moon) coming towards me that was carried by a small living insect. The insect stopped before me, aimed my forehead position duly spreading golden light. It was on my forehead for a few minutes and disappeared. I was in a standstill mood with no feeling of anything and went to another room of my house.

After a few minutes I returned to the earlier room where I saw a smaller version of the Moon. Then I saw the Surya Deva (Sun) which appeared just opposite the Moon. It appeared with a hight of about 45 degrees above and found the same in the shape of Siva Linga (Lord Siva's ideal) with a huge quantity of illuminations in the color Indigo. It sparked for a few minutes and then disappeared.

Few days passed with interest and enthusiasm. The most wonderful vision I had was about three weeks after the above incident. One day I went to the work area of my house at about midnight. When I opened the door I saw a little large flying insect inside the door as if it was waiting for me. It started flying throughout the room as soon as I opened the door. As it flew it spread golden light and the insect too seemed to be of golden color. I felt a kind of divine inspiration as if I am blessed by Lord Shiva. With folded hands I prayed to him without any sound. Then it flew around my head three times and spread golden light. Then it went to the right side of the hall. When I looked eagerly it started deteriorating its golden color and sat on the curtain below after which it crept away like an ordinary insect. I was eager to share the experience and know what it was.

The next day I approached my Spiritual teacher and He explained to me everything. It was really the JAGAT PRANA (Divine Spirit) or Lord Siva who appeared in the form of golden insect. It was actually an awakening of the KUNDALINI POWER (Serpent power) or spiritual power in me.

Thereafter I had many visions and trances which are unexplainable. I saw the Lords Sun and Moon before my forehead transcendentally with my clairvoyance (Anjha Chakra) as rotating with colors indigo and golden. At the centre of Sun and Moon I saw transcendentally the PRANA, life force or Siva rotating as a Chakra (wheel) clockwise and anticlockwise. I saw a group of stars around my neck transcendentally as a necklace. I saw transcendentally large quantity of several colors pouring to my head by an elephant trunk shaped instrument. Then I started hearing the great Cosmic sound "OM" (AUM) and it is still continuing. Eight times, the reddish golden color seen from my forehead duly breaking the six centers of the body and different Lotuses bloomed as per Yoga principle. I started seeing thousand petalled Lotus with my eyes as well as transcendentally with my Clairvoyance or Anjha Chakra. I hear the great sound "OM" (AUM) as if I were permanently ILLUMIND WITH HIS DIVINE LIGHT, which in other words is known as ‘ENLIGHTENMENT’.
The is my spiritual experience. I continue to do my karmic duties and live an austere life. I have gained lot of wisdom during and after this period and share them though my site www.sivavision.org 

I also obtained the feeling that everything in this world is one and derived from one Paramathma or Supersoul. (The feeling of ONENESS)

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