Sri Vidya Mantra - Unravelling the Cosmos

  • By Niraj Kumar
  • May 2014

Editor – This article  was published in the May 2014 issue of Prabuddha Bharata.

Excerpts from article

The visible world is only  a small part of reality, which again is relative to an observer.  Human beings experience only a sliver—20 Hz to 20,000 Hz—of the  vast world of sounds. For bats and some other creatures it is a  different sonic universe. Recent explorations in some branches of  theoretical physics have led to the formulation of the idea of a  multiverse. Moreover, many astrophysicists suggest that only about  five per cent of our universe comprises of visible matter. The rest  is composed of dark energy and dark matter, whose properties are  elusive.

The human mind is unaware  of many things outside and inside the body. However, to an  introspective person, the universe appears to be a graded existence  from the gross to the subtle. Sri Vidya is a subtle conception of  tracing the relationship between various levels of existence. This vidya, science, structurally correlates the microcosm and the  macrocosm and establishes a connection between the human body, the  cosmic body, and the geographical body.

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