Why Brahma Hatya is Wrong

  • Author simply gives a deeper meaning of the term Brahma Hatya and in a spiritual context.

Someone not very familiar with the Sanatani concepts asks me, “Why is Brahma Hatya considered the most heinous crime or sin? Why is so much importance given to the murder of a Brahmin, a priest? Why don’t you consider all acts of murder as equally heinous? After all, crime is crime, murder is murder.”

Such questions are natural if and when we interpret the word Brahmin, or rather Brahman, as priest. Naturally, all acts of committing murder must be considered as equally heinous, be it of a Kshatriya, a Warrior; a Vaishya, an entrepreneur; or a Shudra, someone belonging to the working class. Hence, considering Brahma Hatya as the most heinous crime is not justified.

That, however, is not the Sanatani understanding of Brahma Hatya. Brahma represents Brahmaa or Creator, and Brahm, the Supreme One.

Brahma Hatya, therefore, should rightly be interpreted as “killing of one’s creativity”, be it our own or someone else’s. Causing someone’s creativity to diminish, posing as an obstacle in the way of someone’s creativity - is Brahma Hatya. In other words, Brahma Hatya may not even mean killing or murder of a person - that can be taken care of by the law of the state.

On the other hand, to kill one’s own creativity or becoming the cause for someone’s creativity to die - may not even involve physical murder or killing. Someone can still remain alive, while his creativity is long dead.

Next, the second meaning of Brahma Hatya where we define Brahma as Brahm, the Supreme One. Is it possible to kill the Supreme One? No.    

So, here we come across yet another meaning of the phrase Brahma Hatya. And, that is killing of someone or causing a Knower of Brahm or someone aspiring to know Brahm to die by meddling with his or her mind in such a way that the Atma, the True Self develops a sense of deep remorse and shuts itself, thus bringing his/her earthly sojourn to come to an abrupt end.

Here, Brahm, Knower of Brahm or even someone aspiring to know Brahm, a true sadhaka - all are held in high esteem. For, the Sanatani scriptures declare that the knower of Brahm is Brahm ITSELF! “Brahm veda Brahmaiva bhavati – he who knows brahm becomes brahm.” (Mundaka Upanishad 3.2.9)

The great epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata speak of people with danavi, asuri or demoniac qualities who consider it as their dharma to cause the Brahmans in the above sense of the word to die abruptly. This is called Akal Mrityu, dying an unnatural death and before the end of one’s natural lifespan.

Here, the True Spiritual Mentors, the Sadhgurus are also included, for they truly know the nature of Brahm. Let alone killing them, even inflicting upon them any pain, cheating on them, conspiring against them, or causing any harm to their mission - all and much more are considered as Brahma Hatya too.

For the Sadhaka or Spiritual Aspirants, therefore, it is of utmost importance that they avoid such people of demoniac nature. For they are in the process, on the way to falling from Grace and can cause others coming in contact with them to fall from Grace too.

Normally, such people are born in the demoniac families, their spouses are of the same nature as also their siblings and children. Here, in this case the Law of Attraction, “Like Attracts Like” seems to work perfectly.

My Spiritual Mentor always reminded us to avoid such people “at any cost. You can know them by their very vibes. They are hypocrites.  They can go on repeating atma, atma, but meaning matter, matter. A true sadhaka will know this, I bless each and every sadhaka to develop such sensitivity. But, if you decide to disregard the Grace and allow yourself to be carried away by your senses and sensory pleasures, then I cannot do anything for you.”

“You shall have to decide what kind of life you wish to live and be guided by whom? I mean by Daivas, the Illumined Ones or Danavas, the demons.” 

“Both, the devas and the danavas are within you and outside. Now, what do you want? Do you want the daivas within you to communicate with the divine forces outside, or allow the dark forces within you to connect with the demons outside and perish in the process?”

It is in this sense that I define the phrase Brahma Hatya. Thank you Sadhguru, Guruji, for granting me this understanding. Jaya Gurudeva.

Author is a Spiritual Activist based in Indonesia.

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