A Talk Given on Wall Street

  • By Swami Atmarupananda
  • May 2016

“On 6 June 2012, a meeting was held on Wall Street in New York City to discuss ‘Re-Envisioning Prosperity’. Almost 70 people were invited, including financiers, investors, economists, intellectuals, representatives from the activist movement known as Occupy Wall Street, and a select group of religious leaders from different faiths known as the Contemplative Alliance. Swami Atmarupananda was one of three religious leaders asked to open the meeting with a short talk to set a tone for the ensuing day-long discussion. Below is the substance of what he said, adapted for suitability as an article–Editor Prabuddha Bharata”.

About Author Swami Atmarupananda is a teacher who combines humor and a down-to-earth practicality in conveying the subtleties of spiritual development.  Some of his writings have been translated into various European and Asian languages.  He travels widely in the United States, Canada, and Latin America, giving lectures and retreats in both English and Spanish.  For many years he has been actively engaged in working for inter-religious understanding, and is a member of the Snowmass Inter-Spiritual Dialog and an instructor of Hinduism at the Spiritual Paths Institute.  Currently he resides at the Ramakrishna Monastery in Trabuco Canyon, California.

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Talk by Swamiji at IIT Madras

This article was first published in the Prabuddha Bharata, monthly journal of The Ramakrishna Order started by Swami Vivekananda in 1896. This article is courtesy and copyright Prabuddha Bharata (www.advaitaashrama.org). I have been reading the Prabuddha Bharata for years and found it enlightening. You can subscribe online at www.advaitaashrama.org. Cost is Rs 100/ for one year, Rs 280/ for three years, Rs 1,200/ for twenty years and Rs 2,000 for twenty five years.

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