Words of Bhisma, Vidhur & Yudhister

  • By Shyam Sunder
  • December 2002

Kalakvrikshiya Muni Said….      

256. What ever in this world goes as “I” or ‘mine’, all that is transient.

257. What you regard as ‘is’, know it already as ‘is not’

258. The thing that was and will be, all that neither was nor will be.

259. Look at the poverty and foolishness of those who in delusion chase wealth alone for this transient life.

260. Accumulation ends in ruin, life ends in death, meeting ends in separation-why to run after them?

261. Either man gives up wealth or wealth gives him up. O King.

262. Regulate and control your senses, your mind, your speech.

263. There is none who always wins, none either. O friend, who always loses.

264. Without minister, even for the three days, a kingdom cannot be run.

265. Who gets friendly with royalties, is thence in company of poisonous snakes; so say the learned.

266. A king has many friends; many enemies also he has.

267. Those who depend for livelihood on the king meet anger in both, his friends and foes. Also, in the king himself, every moment they face danger.

268. Standing by burning fire one remains cautious, so a learned man should always beware by the side of a king.

269. The king, if pleased, godlike grants all wishes; if wroth, like fire he burns you, down to the roots.

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