Zero and Decimal invented to explain the structure of the universe by Yogis

The   Bindu/Decimal that arises out of Shunyata/Nothingness (or the infinite   Paramatma)

When Hindu Yogis gave us the decimal and zero (Shunya), they were not trying to solve the   problems of math. They were replicating the structure of the Universe through   numbers, After all the universe and all the creation of God is the most precise   language on this earth and that is math. The universe is itself precise   math.

This article is about trying to weave the gap between yogic teachings in the Vedas and Math,   and how the two are really one. To understand one you have to understand the   other. Unlike the Hindu of today who likes to divide and put everything into   compartments, thus you end up having so many divisions within the Dharma.  The Yogis have always had an inclusive   mentality, as they see each and everything in the universe as interconnected.   They see the so called differences not as isolated objects but as differentiated   facets within one united whole. The logic is fundamentally simple, if Parmatama   is the entire universe; can anything within it be not him? A simple fundamental   fact that most people practicing the dharma on a daily basis can’t   grasp.

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