Five Amazing Reasons to Write About Your Traveling

  • By Madeline Miller
  • April 27, 2022

Blogging about traveling is a bit more complex and requires a bit of money but it's an amazing way to share your trips with the world and maybe make some money on the side for your future trips.


Here are some reasons why blogging about your trips is a great idea.

Each experience is unique

One of your main concerns for starting a blog (you can write for other sites) is that there are plenty of travel bloggers out there. And truly, you are right.


But you are also wrong.


Being a travel blogger means having a beautiful community to turn to, familiar people wherever you go and someone to help you when you are in need. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Not every experience is the same. You might have seen this country a certain way, someone else might have seen it in another. It's not a simple thing as every human is different.


There are people out there who would enjoy your stories of great destinations. You just need to write it.


Developing your observation skills

You have probably noticed that the greatest stories are often not those explicitly told or shown to you. You just have to sit, watch and observe what's happening around you. You could hear a mother fighting with her son or see young people kissing on the bench. Just like you, all of these people have their own unique stories and by observing and writing about them, you become a part of something bigger too.


People are no longer interested in the buildings and resorts in distant destinations, they are more interested in reading about the locals, their mannerisms and behaviour. They want to know about small streets and quaint shop that's been there for hundreds of years. They want to taste unique products, everyday food of common people just like them.


Tell interesting stories

People don't want to hear about tedious details of traveling with a plane from one place to another - what they want is an adventure. Something to take them out of their own lives and worlds and take them on a journey with you. And what makes an awesome story alive are the details interesting little notions about what people are doing ‘over there’.


Find a community

As mentioned, blogging can bring you many great things but the best one is probably the ability to find a community of bloggers who will become your friends and helpers. You'll be able to discuss your travels, boost each other up on your blogs and maybe even travel together at some point in the future. These people will usually think just like you and they will love to share their stories with you.


Become a travel blogger

This is one of the best jobs out there. You will find friendship, interesting tales, adventures and you'll be able to learn so much more than you ever thought you would. Travel blogging does require some money and time for constant trips but if you monetize your blog from the start, you'll be able to earn that money easily. A blog will also require quality photos and these can help you increase your following on social media. For a professional start, you could also benefit from hosting your own blog and getting a domain name for yourself. All of these things do cost money but compared to what you get in the end - credibility with consumers and Google - it's not too much.

Write To Explore

Blogging about your travels is one of the most amazing things you can do with your free time. You are sharing your intimate stories with the world and inviting them to your life and travels. If you are still keeping your stories in the journal, you should consider some of these points and think about blogging. It could change your life.


Madeline Miller works as a writer and editor at OX Essays. She loves writing educational and business articles for various online publications.

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