Things to do during a trip to Pondicherry

  • By Heena Sharma
  • December 17 2019


Pondicherry is a very small Union Territory located in Southern India, neighbouring the state of Tamil Nadu. This beautiful place was once the capital of the French-East India Company that had come and occupied this territory. This place does offer serenity and sanctity in the real sense.


It’s French styled buildings, calmness and structural design is what has been compelling people from all walks of life to visit this place at least once in their lifetime. You are likely to have immense fun during the trip, provided you are well informed and adequately prepared. The best time to visit is pre-winter and winter season, from October to February. 


What can be done at Pondicherry?


Serenity Beach for Surfing: If you love surfing and sea adventure games, then Serenity Beach will provide you types of fun with all that you are looking for. You can indulge in para gliding, surfing or simply stroll on the long beach and enter another world altogether. Paradise and Serenity are the two beaches here that tourists and local can visit and enjoy. The playful waves and the gentle wind are excellent for surfers.


Chunnambar Boat House: Here you can avail boat rides to visit Paradise Beach Island and this is a must have in your itinerary. The venue offers with amazing boating amenities in the River Chunnambar. Its backwaters along with the lush green vegetation do offer a spectacular background. You can definitely have a great time here. Located along Cuddalore main road, this is undoubtedly the place to chill out and relax with your family and friends. You can also get to view the magnificent sunset and indulge in sunbathing during the daytime. The boats take you to the placid, picturesque paradise beach, known as Plage Paradiso. Besides boating, you can also indulge in overnight camping, hiking, backwater boating and picnicking. 


Birdwatching at the Ousteri Lake: If you love nature and bird watching, then you need to wake up early in the dawn. This way, you can get to see the beautiful and enormous Osudu Lake filled with colourful, exotic birds. This lake is also called Osudu Lake and is among the most visited by picnickers and casual tourists alike. The place is really stunning and is regarded to be an artificial freshwater lake. It also possesses marshy lands and mudflats and has rightly been given the status by International Union for Conservation of Natural Resources & Nature as a significant Asian wetland. The marshes and the lake here are known for its biodiversity, thus attracting migratory and residential birds. 


Bicycle tours: Being a very small town, it is easy to cover its whole area on bicycle tour within half a day. You can avail guided vintage bicycle tours that will take you to the classical Tamil settlements and French colonies. The tour also includes visiting the Muslim quarters, referred to as green quarters, after which you will be taken to Tamil and French houses, traditional and historical places and different cultural centres. The bicycle and walking tours are supervised by English and French speaking guides, thus making you to feel in some European country. 


Underwater and scuba diving: The beautiful corals and the calm waters are quite inviting to those who love diving or would like to try out once. This fun filled activity is popular in Pondicherry as it is considered to be the only place that allows diving on India’s Eastern coast. There are numerous nautical organisms, rocky pop-ups, coral reefs and man-made folds that you can come across. The marine life that inhabit this region includes moray eels, lionfish, sea snakes, manta rays, crustaceans, angelfish, kingfish, triggerfish, bannerfish, parrot fish, grouper and corals. You can avail PADI certification course to learn scuba diving from the PADI centre. The courses generally include overwater, deep dive and nitrox masters. Diving sports are also offered by Aravind’s wall, the hole, 4 corners, ravines, cool shark reefs and temple reefs, meant for professionals and amateurs alike.


Nightlife at the lounge and pubs: If you are a night person and looking for some adventure and action, then this small town is sure to provide you with some big night-time entertainment. The fact is that Pondicherry’s nightlife is underrated as claimed by a good number of tourists who have been there. You can come across amazing lounges and pubs here that can offer you with full filled nights that you can enjoy among the youths. It is popular mainly because of tax exemption upon liquor sale. Bars like St. James Court, Bamboo Bar, Zero House, Paradise Lounge, Ecstasy, etc. are popularly visited for great experiences. 


Walk through seafront: You can stroll with your family and children through the seafront and be away from urban noise and hassles of life. You are sure to come across young couples probably enjoying their honeymoon or revitalizing their married life. You can also watch the magical sunrise and sunset at this place. During mornings, the seafront is not allowed for traffic, to provide tourists to have peaceful and hassle-free outing. 


Romantic dinners: If you are with your spouse, then romantic dinners and night outs with her is sure to be on the list of must do activities. There are several restaurants and hotels here that provide tourists with delicious international, South Indian, Chinese, North Indian delicacies to suit the palate and needs of their customers. You can also enjoy candle light, romantic dinners. The amazing architecture, beautiful interiors of the restaurants that are in French style will make both of you to remember and cherish the moments spent for a very long time. 


Bonfire at the beach: There can be nothing better than setting up a bonfire on the open beach and sitting, dancing or singing along with your partner to have a romantic night out. 

Contacting the top Best Pondicherry hotels will ensure you have a great time with your family and spouse and stay away from unnecessary hassles.  

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