Basavanna & Vir Shaivism Lingayat Movement

B and his Contemporaries     

Besides B, there were others too without whose solid support the revolution would not have been the success that it was. Besides simple people there were mystics who learnt from B as well as taught him. They took active part in the movement and contributed to its success.

Foremost was Prabhudeva born in Shimoga district? The death of his wife made him miserable. After years of conflict he became a wise and enlightened soul. He met people like Goggayya and Siddharama and taught them the true significance of linga worship. He was responsible for the conversion of Siddharama, an event that made Virashaivism grow faster. He brought him to Kalyana and made all the leaders meet. The leaders including B looked upon Prabhudeva as their spiritual guru and were guided by him in their sadhane. It is said that he chosen to occupy the throne of Void which speaks volumes of his eminence as a man of mystical experience.  His vachanas are beautiful but not simple.

Akkamahadevi (A) is perhaps one of the greatest saints of Karnataka and comparable to Mirabai. Although married to a king she divorced him since she was mentally married to God. B celebrated her marriage with God in his home. From Kalyana she went to Shrishaila in Andhra Pradesh. She composed some the finest vachanas.

Siddharama (S) was one of well known people of the 12th century. He was a devotee of God and probably belonged to the Pashupati-Shiva sect. He constructed a huge temple at Sholapur and a huge reservoir, which is still in tact. He was converted to Virshaivism.

Sakalesha Madarsasa was another contemporary, a great musician. Madivala Machayya was a washerman and a staunch Virashaiva. Moligeya Marayya was a close associate of B. Kinnari Bommayya was another devotee who was flute playing. Chnannabasava, his sister’s son was another scholar. His compositions give us a complete exposition of the Shatsthala philosophy.

B looked upon devotees of Shiva as if they were part of his own inner being.

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