The Untold Story of Maratha History

In the last few years the interest in Maratha history has increased. Perhaps, it is due to the number of historians who are writing about it. Movies like Tanaji, Bajirao Mastani and TV serial Ahilyabai Holkar have ignited interest not to forget renewed interests in the life and achievements of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. We present three video links by historian Col Athale. End of article has links to articles on Maratha history by Dr Uday Kulkarni and Aneesh Gokhale - Editor.


Video 1 deals with rise of Marathas led by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. This part describes his strategic strokes against Bijapur and Mughals and building up of navy and many farsighted measures.


To see video 1 52.44 minutes.


Video 2 deals with Maratha guerrilla war against the Mughal invasion led personally by Aurangzeb and victory by Queen Tarabai against him. It then deals with Maratha expansion to North and the battle of Panipat.


To see video 2 34.53 minutes.


Video 3 deals with Maratha struggle with the English from 1773 to 1818. This account busts the myth that Marathas did not resist the English.


To see video 3 51.55 minutes.


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