How did Indians survive the Islamic Conquest

  • We present Episode 14 of this amazing series on Indian Civilization. Below U tube links to episode in English and Hindi. English voice over by Kabir Bedi.  


The Documentary Series is deeply researched, rightfully interpreted and beautifully filmed, from India & world sites and Museums. The series depicts the continuities of Cultural Traditions, Knowledge systems and Philosophical thoughts of India. With the contribution of 30 eminent scholars, this 19 Episodes series shows India's magnificent Iconography, Temple Art, Diverse Cultures, Ancient Relics, Wall paintings, Manuscripts, Meditative Music & Dance with the wisdom of India, in the most enthralling & entertaining way. It is produced by Shri Vallabh Bhanshali and directed by Dr Deepika Kotjari & Ramji OM. Watch the series trailer - Indian Civilization- its continuities & Change HERE


Highlights of episode - How did Indians survive the bloodiest conquest in History when Persia, Babylonia & Egypt could not survive these conquests?


In India tremendous resistance and Self-defence was drawn from the power of Yoga.


The Atma is immortal and the body will anyway perish was the Philosophy.

The powerful Vijaynagar Empire was defeated by 5 Muslim Rulers. The British had to fight the Marathas & not Mughals. The Sikhs brought back the lost parts of Northern India multiple times from Mughals & Turks.


Without Bhakti, India could not have survived the great despair in medieval times. A Bhakt does not think, what Bharat can do for me but what can he do for Bharat. Sir George Grierson called Tulsidas "the greatest leader of the people after the Buddha". Ernest Wood said that Ramcharitmanas was superior to the best books of Latin & Greek. 


Akbar the grandson of Babar & son of Humayun was liberal towards Hindus & abolished the Pilgrimage tax. However, his son Jehangir resumed the policy of forced conversion.


To survive the conversion a lot of Hindus had to run for their life into the Jungles. Muslim Rulers converted Hindus, demolished temples, tortured women & farmers. Hindu Kings respected Muslim Women, respected Koran and did not demolish mosques. Hindus celebrate both Life & Death.

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1. In English – 18.17 minutes.

2. In Hindi – 18.18 minutes.  

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