Pilgrimage to Mount Kailash

  • By Swami Damodarananda
  • July 2015

‘This is a story, after about sixty years, of my walking all the way to Mount Kailash and back’.

Editor: Swamiji undertook the yatra in 1952. Unlike today when one goes to Mount Kailash through Dharchula in Kumaon or Nepal Swamiji was told there were two passes to enter Tibet. One near Badrinath called Mana Pass and the other called Niti Pass. He returned via the Hoti Pass which is about 19,000 feet high, the shortest and steepest way to cross over to India. After about a week he reached Badrinath’.

The article was published in the October and November 2014 issues of The Vedanta Kesari.

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