A poem titled 'Lifeline of India'

A vast mosaic across the nation,
biggest network of tracks and station.

National integration in true sense,
over mountains, plateaus and plains.

Seat of commerce to seat of power,
”Rajdhani” thunders in top gear.

“Gitanjali” comes singing from the east,
“Dadar-Guwahati”, linking north-east.

“Dnyanganga” to the place of knowledge,
“Deccan Queen” straddles the Sahyadri edge.

“Matysagandha” along the western coast,
“Coromandal” spanning the other coast.

“Jammu Tavi” to the land of serenity,
“Avantika” goes to the ancient city.

“Hampi Express” for the sculptor,
“Karnavati” for the entrepreneur.

Up to the border, take “Golden Temple”,
“Konark Express” for the Sun Temple.

Maharaja style, on the “Palace on Wheels”,
“Deccan Odyssey”, as the history reveals.

Toy trains to Matheran and Ooty,
and to Darjeeling, the highland beauty.

Cheetah on rails, the non-stop “Duronto”,
“Shatabdi” comfort from metro to metro.

Lifeline of India, since 1853,
Bharatiya Railway, our pride and glory!

The Author is the Communications Manager at Bombay Natural History Society

Note: Names in quotes are express trains running to different parts of India

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