Learning of Sanskrit flourishes in USA and Canada

  • By Shalini Asha Bhaloo
  • February 18, 2022
  • @Shalini_A_B
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  • Sanskrit is spreading amongst the Indian community in North America. I love that Samskrita Bharati teaches Samskritam. Here is my personal story. The dedication of their volunteers is the foundation of their organization.

You can visit a local Samskrita Bharati center and learn to speak Samskrit. This is the link for USA https://samskritabharatiusa.org/


I took the beginners course as part of the S2S Course - Online Certificate Course for adults. The beginner’s course emphasizes Sanskrit conversation in simple everyday life. Eighteen people attended from USA and Canada with ages between to 60. Their mother language included Telugu, Tamil, Assam language, Hindi and Marathi. 


Here are a few verses of a song we learned in class. It portrays the beauty of Sanskrit and how easy it is to learn.

जयतु संस्कृतम्

सुरससुबोधा विश्वमनोज्ञा

surasa subodha vishwa manogyaa

ललिता हृद्या रमणीया |

lalitaa hrudyaa ramaneeyaa

अमृतवाणी संस्कृतभाषा

amruta vaani samskruta bhaashaa

नैव क्लिष्टा न च कठिना ||

naiva klishtaa na cha katinaa


Now hear this beautiful Samskrit song   by a young girl about the 7 questions What, Where, How Many, When, From Where, How and Why?


See these excellent Spoken Samskritam videos including a funny one - https://youtu.be/b0ZRLw3WDvY and https://youtu.be/h1_3TnyHmBE


Samskrita Bharati makes learning an easy and rewarding experience. They organize lectures, camps, competitions and other programs to complement and enhance learning. They bring to light existing Samskritam literature and publish books and create audiovisual and other media content to enhance the modern literary world of Samskritam.
Samskrita Bharati inspire and build a committed base of volunteers and instructors to serve the society by working to propagate Samskritam.


Apart from regular local classes in several cities, Samskrita Bharati also organize events throughout the year. Residential camps are held annually all over the United States. The aim of these camps is for students to learn the language without the daily distractions. Samskrita Bharati organizes camps separately for children, youth and for families too. 


Every year, local Samskrita Bharati chapters celebrates several festivals by organizing Samskritam related events. The Shravana Purnima day is observed as the "Vishva Samskritam Dinam" and several cultural programs are held in various cities.


Samskrita Bharati's Spoken Samskritam workshops have been very popular both in United States of America and Canada. Many workshops are held over the weekend. Given the busy life, just sparing one weekend for the study of Samskritam has changed the lives of many towards pursuing a larger goal of speaking Samskritam fluently.  

20 Talks were given in 2016 to commemorate the 20th year of Samskritam aka Sanskrit in the United States of America (USA).


Samskrita Bharati’s promotion of Samskritam (Sanskrit) started in the United States from 1995. Shri. Krishna Shastri Mahodaya visited the United States in 1995 and conducted 'Speak Samskritam' classes in various cities across the United States. The acceptance of Samskritam has been tremendous in the past twenty years. There are more than 40 centers in the United States and Canada, where people are speaking and learning in Samskritam.


As part of the 20th year celebrations, prominent Sanskrit speakers spoke on various topics in Samskritam. Those speeches are available in the link above.


Join the Speak Samskritam movement by visiting


I studied Samskitram to understand our Hindu Shastras more clearly, but I never knew that Samskritam could be used so easily in everyday language. All students and teachers were able to communicate only in Samskritam. It's a great language to unite all regions of India. It has a beautiful precise symmetry when spoken. I am practicing thinking in Samskritam for a few hours daily. It helps keep my mind focused and reduces random thinking. Glory to India and glory to Samskrita!

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