Story of BULLET Baba Temple, Rajasthan

  • By Prateek Nayak
  • September 3 2021

A motorcycle, Royal Enfield Bullet, is worshipped in Rajasthan. Why do people worship? Here is the story. 

In 1991 the owner of a motorbike, Om Singh Rathore known as Om Banna who belonged to Chotila was riding back home from Pali when he hit a tree and fell in a ditch. He died on the spot and the police took his motorcycle to the Rohetgarh police station.


The next morning, to their surprise, the motorbike was found lying at the accident spot.  Assuming that someone played mischief, the police emptied the fuel tank, chained the motorcycle and bought it back to the police station. But the same incident repeated itself.


The chains were broken and the same motorbike mysteriously returned to the accident spot.


When locals heard about this incredible incident, they believed that there was an unknown divine power behind all of this that must be acknowledged. It was then that they decided to make the motor bike a shrine. Gradually, a small temple was built near that accident spot and as people came to know about it, they started visiting the temple to offer prayers to the owner and his motorbike. Soon, the temple came to also be known as Bullet Baba.


The motor cycle is kept in a glass case and decorated with flowers and tilak.


“People say that if you are travelling through the Pali-Jodhpur highway without stopping and worshiping the Bullet Baba, you might not reach your destination with all your body parts intact. The vehicles passing by, refrains from honking, as an offering to the 'baba'.”


To see a short video (2.08minutes) of visit to Bullet Baba shrine.


Karni Mata Mandir, Bikaner is the only place in the world where rats are worshipped. To see album. So also worship of a motor cycle must be a first. This temple is near Jodhpur for those who wish to visit.


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