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In 2014 I attended the Sangai Festival in Imphal, Manipur during which I got to hear the fusion music of Rhythms of Manipur for the first time. I liked it so much that went backstage and asked to meet key person. Since then I am in touch with Rajkumar Santomba Singh. He has also written numerous articles on Manipur for esamskriti thereby helping me know Manipur better. Post the clashes in May their invites to perform have fallen. So here is some information about this incredible music group – Editor. 


The tiny in size and population the State of Manipur in the far north eastern corner of the country is known throughout the globe through its rich cultural heritage and the sporting talents. The Rhythms of Manipur is one such cultural organisation which acts as cultural ambassador of Manipur/India during the last two decades.


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In February 2003, the group for the first time showcased it’s beautiful music numbers at Singapore and Hong Kong. This performance was sponsored by the Indian Council For Cultural Relations (ICCR). Since then the group successfully performed at Port of Spain, Bangkok, Surin in Thailand, Laos and Japan. Besides this it performed before the Prime Minister of India and Princess of Thailand.


Besides its own musicians the group worked together with the Japanese musicians/ drummers and the   musicians of Trinidad (West Indies).


Rhythms of Manipur creates music from Biodegradable drums Video


In 2022 the group performed at the North East India Festival Bangkok, hosted by the Indian Mission Thailand, sponsored by ICCR. Thereafter, in October 2022 the Rhythms of Manipur performed at the Kyoto city in Japan at the India Mela India Matsuri Kyoto Festival 2022. This was organized by the Indian Chamber of Commerce, Japan.


In early 2023 the group performed at the historic India Gate Delhi and Azad Maiden, Churchgate in Mumbai. Due to the violence in Manipur since May, all invites for performances have stopped. Due to this talented artists of our group are facing difficulties.


Rhythms perform at Northeast Festival 2022 Video


Some pictures of our performances –


With foreign ambassador at Hornbill Festival, Kohima, Nagaland. Dancing Drummers in Japan.   Che Bandana. 

At Bangkok.  Performance by three sitting are visually impaired members of our music group.


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