Art Gallery Coonchbehar Palace Museum

  • Pictures of Indian Sculptures at Coonchbehar Palace Museum.
Brahma. 7-8th century A.D.Mhavahini. 10th century a.d.  Avalokiteshwara. 11 century C.E. Mahishamardini Durga. 10-11th century a.d.Tara. 10th century A.D. Navagraha Panel. 10th century CE. Surya. 10th century A.D. Ornamental Stela. 12th century a.d. Uma Maheshvara. 10-11th century a.d.Surya. 10th century C.E. 

All photos are by Anirban Sarkar. We have shared a few pictures only.

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Author studies life sciences, geography, art and international relationships. She loves exploring and documenting Indic Heritage. Being a student of history she likes to study the iconography behind various temple sculptures. She is a well-known columnist - history and travel writer.   


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