India-Her Culture and Civilization, Documentary series on India's Cultural Continuities

Our first film ‘History of Yoga’ was very well received worldwide. Motivated by the response we present “India's Cultural Continuities.”


This seven episode series deals with many aspects of Indian civilization. It has elements of cultural and spiritual continuities that have contributed to India’s survival over millennia. It also establishes key civilizational values namely of mutual respect and reverence for Nature.


The evidence and visuals that you will see were collected from about 190 Archaeological sites and Museums across the Indian subcontinent and world. You can hear the views of several Scholars from India and abroad in these episodes.


India's magnificent Iconography, Temple Art, Diverse Cultures, Ancient Relics, Wall paintings, Manuscripts etc., unfold in this path-defining Documentary.


The Trailer gives you a true flavour of Indian culture, traditions, people and key monuments. It is interspersed with comments by numerous scholars. Period covered is Indus Valley Civilization onwards.


This series is made by Deepika Kothari and Ramji Om.


On 15th August 2020, one episode was released. “Bharat, India, Hindustan”


This episode deals with the meaning, concept and expanssion of Bharat.


Amongst others, episode 3 refers to the importance of Surya or Sun temples in Indian lives. India has never been the land of one book, different schools of thought co-existed. It refers to the existence and importance of Saraswati river. Agni, and Gyan that were important pillars in the region from Iran to Tibet.


This episode also takes you to Sravanabelagola, tells you about its importance and relation to name Bharat. Bharat got its name through 3 ideals – know about them.


It also refers to the beauty of Sanskrit and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, why Indians worship rivers and explains the essential unity between Sanatan, Baudh and Jain Dharma with examples. What unites various Sampradayas? And so on.

Episode 3 ends with insights on differences between civilzations that developed in a Forest and Desert. This is related to human culture that developed in these areas.


To see TRAILER VIDEO of Episode 3 (8.33 minutes) titled Bharat, India and Hindustan Click here

To see FULL VIDEO of Episode 3 (58 minutes) titled Bharat, India and Hindustan Click here   

Directors: Dr Deepika Kothari & Ramji OM.

Producer: Shri Vallabh Bhanshali, Desh Apanayen Sahayog Foundation.

Co-producer: Vishuddhi films.

Narration: Ramji Om.


Sri Rajeswaranand ji - Sadhan dham moksha kara dwara... 

Hricha Narayana - Sooli upar seja hamari..... 

Prahalad Singh Tipania - Jagrat rehna re nagar mein.... 

Maithali Thakur - Raghubar Juni Jaiyo         


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